Thursday, October 3, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 2 “There will be Blood”

Aaron comes alive. Zombies!!! I must admit I did get very upset when Aaron died and happy to have him back. Charlie comes in to kill Monroe. I love how strong Charlie is overall. Miles is in a cage with the bad clan. They do some weird blood test on him and say to keep him and they kill the other guy. I wonder what their game is?

It is amazing to have Aaron back alive, he was dead for two hours. Rachel and Aaron assume that the nanoes might have brought him back but I think there is a little bit more to the story.

Rachel’s father is not trying to let Rachel go out and save Miles. You would think he knows his daughter by now. Charlie is trapped with Monroe now. The guys know who Monroe is and apparently work for the US government. Miles is so resourceful and breaks out but goes back to save the chick. He should have just let her die. Tom Neville was all pathetic in the first episode and now he has a mission. He is beyond awesome and can make a difference to his liking. I like that he questions the Patriots and does not assume they are part of the US government. Of coarse he sets up the extra rebel helper to get in close with the Patriots. 

Aaron’s little chippy has the nerve to tell the minister everything. You would think she would have more sense to keep her mouth shut. Charlie has the ability to destroy people with just words. Miles is taken to meet the head guy named Titus. Turns out Titus is a pedophile and just down right sick and smashes Miles’s hands to prevent him from killing anyone else. Aaron finds a dead rat and wonders why it is still dead but he is alive. Then it gets weird he hears a gun shot and finds Ben’s body but it is all a hallucination. Surprisingly they let Charlie go and like she predicted Monroe gets loose. Charlie comes to save the day but Monroe steals the carriage and makes a getaway. 

Rachel’s Dad asks the big question if Miles is worth it. Her Dad has gathered people and will be going with her to save Miles. Aaron truly believes he is losing his mind. He tells Cynthia he knows how he was brought back. He also says he knows what caused the black out. I do not know why he is telling her. This can only be bad. There is a flashback to the night the bombs dropped. Apparently the system crashed and that is why they could not stop the bombs. Neville comes into the room right after, wondering what is going on. 

One of the guys that have Miles is writing a letter and seals it with the Illuminati symbol and we now see the Patriot lady, Justine Allenford, with a letter with the same symbol. Neville is spinning a story to the Patriot lady that has her believing. Rachel and crew on horses start to hear crunching and find that they are walking on dead rats. There is a whole field of them. Okay the creep factor just went up high. Miles is taken through the red door. Apparently they are using people for blood transfusions for a lady that is ill. 

My Thoughts: This is such a fun series. I love the concept of how the world would fall apart if we did not have electricity anymore. Charlie is a smart girl and you must appreciate that. I like that Neville and Neville Jr. are working together to take down the patriots. I usually get annoyed by flashbacks but this show does them quite well. They need to explain the lightening bugs and now the dead rats. They are just freaking me out. Okay so if this lady is ill, why can’t she heal? What makes Aaron special? Maybe something happened to them while they were in the Tower. Interesting to see what happens next.

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