Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 1 “I Know What You did Last Summer”

Blank Stare at the title alone!

Important Moments:
The girls are going to college and Jeremy is keeping Bonnie alive by sending text messages on her behalf to Elena and Caroline. Elena and Damon are happily together. Caroline tells Elena to let the guilt of Stefan go and to move on. The girls are going to college as vampires and Bonnie is there as a ghost friend. It is kind of sad to see and Jeremy is trying to tell Bonnie to tell everyone the truth. 

Look what the cat dragged in – Catherine shows up at the boarding house. She looks messed up. Matt and Rebekah are in lust. Stefan (Silas) shows up to town finally and lets Sheriff Forbes know first that Stefan is his doppelganger and he compels her to forget. School bullies cause Jeremy to beat the crap out of them. 

Stefan keeps hallucinating that he is talking to Damon while he is in the water. Damon keeps telling him to turn off his humanity switch. The human roommate apparently has revane water and they wonder if she knows that they are vampires. She calls Elena and Caroline and says she is being chased in the fraternity house and ends up being bit by a vampire and dropped off the roof. The death is a faked suicide. 

Stefan and Damon meet. Awkward! Stefan is a little jerky. Stefan and Jeremy meet and Jeremy knows something is wrong and tells Silas is alive and Stefan is Silas. Stefan meets Catherine at the house and he attacks her, she is saved. Stefan tells Damon that he is a doppleganger and he wants Catherine and will give Damon the location of Stefan. Catherine crashes the car and limps away while Jeremy passes out in the road. Damon saves Jeremy and shows all kinds of emotions.

Matt is attacked by a chippy, Nadia, that he met up with when out and about with Rebekah. Some guy grabs his head, says a spell, and his eyes go all black. The girls find a pic of the human roommate, Megan, with Elena's father (adoptive dad). Caroline gets a call from Tyler saying he is breaking up with her and not coming to school. Silas takes control of the whole town via compulsion and then kills Bonnie's dad. He asks the town to find Catherine. 

My Thoughts:
I am still upset Bonnie is dead, I wish they will find a way to bring her back somehow. I do enjoy that Jeremy is keeping her alive for his sister. I completely understand the dynamics of brother and sister. I know my brothers would keep a lie like that for me. I did enjoy Sheriff Forbes getting all sad like saying bye to her daughter. It is typical first day of college.  

I like that Damon tries to convince Elena to use compulsion to get rid of the human roommate. Man, if only that would work in real life. Catherine is really trying to get under Damon’s skin but needs protection. I wonder if we are going to keep flashbacking to Stefan in the safe in water. This will get boring fast but it would be interesting if Stefan does turn off his switch. When he does finally get out of, it will be hard to tell Silas and Stefan apart at that point. I wonder if killing Catherine as she is the human doppleganger means something. Think...Stefan was not supposed to be a vampire he should have been a human doppleganger and therefore there is something that Silas needs from the human doppleganger. 

In regards to the death of the human roommate, I wonder if the whole frat house is filled with vampires. Think about it, the frat house is the easiest place to kill. I am assuming that the spell on Matt is to make him a trojan horse with Rebekah. The fact that the human roommate knew Elena's dad makes me think she knows about vampires or maybe Elena's father is still alive and may be a vampire. 

Until Next Week! 

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