Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Episode 3 “Love Story”

Important Moments:

Miles is the appropriate blood type for the Titus's wife so he gets to supply her with fresh blood. Rescue crew is there for Miles. They take the sick chick and make a run for it. Neville has the patriot badges and they are filled with revenge for Mrs. Neville. Neville and Neville Jr. get jumped. 

Aaron explains to his chippy, Cynthia, about the little machines in the air. The bad clan descends onto the town. Apparently the evil guy has been hired by the US government to scare the town. The sick chippy slits her wrists and Titus has sent in a scout. Charlie is with the US guy. The Town is being evacuated.

Tom and Jason have been ransacked but apparently it is to see if they are reliable. They know the Neville’s real names. Neville is tied up and being interrogated and says that Monroe killed his wife and that is why he is there. Neville is compelling and moving about the death of his wife. He is let go and accepted into the organization. Charlie meets Monroe after he knocks out soldier boy. Apparently the US government wants Rachel and Monroe. 

US soldier wakes up by water. They interview him about the different warrants and apparently the US is looking for them hard. Flynn apparently has the same ring of the Iluminati that is on the warrants. 

Fight time: Bad clan attacks the town now that Titus knows that his wife is dead. Its an out right slaughter. Titus is killed by the US guy in his camp. Rachel is hit by an arrow. US soldiers come in and save the day. The US flag is raised in the town.

My Thoughts:

Still wondering how Aaron is alive and now why the US government wants to mess with the town. I guess we now know that Rachel is wanted by the US. They just want to use her to turn on the power. I do not believe that this is the US at work.

Neville is the ultimate crazed man. He can act with the best and he does what he thinks is right and what will save himself and his family. He always so quick to sacrifice his son. I wonder when he will draw the line.

So will Charlie work with Monroe just to keep her mother safe? She claims she will not but I still think they will pair up. As long as there is no love connection there then that is fine. He stares at her a little too hard and I understand she may be legal but ewww. Charlie is so awesome. She has the ability to stand just right and express her disgust and distrust.

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