Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Originals Season 1, ep. 2 “House of the Rising Son"

Important Moments:

Rebekah arrives and Haley informs her that Elijah left. Of coarse Klaus is his typical jerk saying that Elijah must have taken a holiday. Klaus is still determined to take apart Marcel. Haley is informed about how Klaus likes to stab his siblings and puts them in a box. 

Rebekah meets with Sophie. Rebekah has been informed that anyone who does magic is killed. Apparently Klaus sees Marcel like a son and Rebekah fears what they will do together. Klaus and Marcel have a cute wingman moment. Haley buys wolfsbane to kill the baby and now Marcel will know about there being a werewolf in the quarter. Rebekah and Marcel meet. She informs him that if he knows where Elijah is and does not tell her she will kill him herself. 

Flashback: Rebekah is in love and Klaus being the jerk that he is throws they governor's son over the railing and he is killed. The governor had a son with a slave and Klaus saves him from being whipped. Klaus gives him the name Marcel. Young Marcel tells Rebekah he will marry her one day. More in the future Marcel is trying to put moves on Rebekah which Klaus stops. Klaus is against Marcel being with Rebekah. Marcel makes his move on Rebekah. Then Klaus daggers Rebekah instead of killing Marcel. Marcel gave up Rebekah in order to be turned and apparently Rebekah was daggered for 52 years. 

Haley is assaulted by werewolves in the quarter and Rebekah saves the day. Klaus recruited the new vampire. He also speaks with the bartender and compels her to date Marcel. Sibling moment – Rebekah tells Klaus it is okay to care and informs her that he gave Elijah to Marcel. 

Haley just cannot understand the dynamic between Rebekah and Klaus. Haley finds the daggers and gives them to Rebekah. Rebekah meets Davina. The witch throws Rebekah out the window. Klaus feels betrayed by Marcel because he let them think he was dead and Klaus wants his revenge. The M around the quarter does not stand for Marcel but rather for Mikelson. Apparently Davina can wipe an originals mind and is more powerful then they can imagine. Marcel asks Davina to find out how to kill an Original. 

My Thoughts:

I like that Rebekah is at least honest with Haley. She is not trying to hide her brother’s faults. She could have been a little bit nicer when she informed Haley how Klaus will kill her once she gives birth. I do enjoy the moments when Klaus shows that he cares. If he could just get out of his own way he could have the family he craves for.

Klaus continuously stops Rebekah from having love. I know she falls in love a lot but he always finds ways to ruin it for her. Klaus is crazy, there is no way to get around that. How dare he give up his brother just like that.The fact that Marcel choose being a vampire over his love for Rebekah was interesting and shows who he is. I think he just loves Klaus more than he did Rebekah. Poor Rebekah can never find love.

This Davina chick is interesting. If she is more powerful than any normal witch and an original then what is she. Lets says she is a witch but is also an Original? That does not sound right. She is painting in the attic and seems a little bit crazy. I wonder why she is against the Originals being there. I look forward to figuring this out.

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