Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Ep. 5 “John Doe”

Important Moments:

Show starts with a little boy and girl running through the woods until a horseman shows up to chase the boy down. Crane moves into the Sheriff’s cabin. Boy is found and apparently the boy speaks Middle English. Abbie searches the missing children’s database and the captain is concerned about the disease the boy has spreading.

Crane speaks Middle English to the boy. Apparently the boy is from a lost colony, Roanoke. Everyone disappeared in the colony. The sickness starts to spread and the EMT that treated the boy sees a horseman before he dies. Crane and Abbie find the hidden colony and the whole colony is infected with the same disease. A spirit led them to a land that protects them from succumbing to the disease. Pestilence Horseman apparently rode through the town and made everyone sick. Thomas needs to be brought back to stop the Horseman of Pestilence from coming to Sleepy Hollow.

Crane is taken into custody after being found to be infected. He sees Katrina in his weakened state. Abbie seeks guidance in the chapel in the hospital. (cliché anyone?) Katrina believes there is a reason that she is stuck but Crane is ripped away before she can inform him. The captain helps Abbie take Crane and Thomas back to Roanake for the magical water there that can help them.

Crane and Thomas jump into the water fountain and are cured stopping the horseman. Afterwards the town disappears, apparently the town was dead all along. Everyone that was infected recovered. The headless horseman rises out of the river. Uh oh! 

My Thoughts:

As one Meme pointed out, Crane and Abbie have the same hair style. I just giggled at that. I love that Crane struggled to open an item wrapped in that hard stupid plastic that is impossible to open. I am unsure why I enjoy rampant plagues in tv shows and movies but for some reason I do. Crane’s ability to know everything does get a little annoying I must admit. He always seems to know everything or have ability to do anything ie. master tracking skills.

One interesting thing is that Morales, Abbie’s ex, called Oxford to check if Crane is really from there. Apparently someone confirmed that Crane was indeed from Oxford which odd since we know that is not quite true. I wonder who set that up. Who gave Crane a false background that can be checked? 

I question how much Morales tries to undermine Crane. I wonder if he will be swayed to the dark side because of his jealousy. Well, until next time. 

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