Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Originals Season 1, Ep. 1 “Always and Forever”

Important Moments: Flashback of when the Originals land in America. Present day has Elijah landing in New Orleans to save Klaus from himself. A witch lets Elijah know about the dead witch. The witch lets him know that Marcel is trouble and for Elijah to stay hidden. Marcel keeps the body despite the sister begging to let her bury her in the peace. Elijah lets Rebekah know of the drama in New Orleans and she says she does not care. Elijah speaks with Sophie, sister of the slain witch, and she informs him that Klaus has a child on the way with a werewolf girl, Haley. 

Flashback – The story of how the originals came about and how Klaus was revealed as being a hybrid. The curse that was the cause of the doppelganger drama and how Klaus had to kill their dad. Sophie blackmails Elijah to help save the witches and they will keep the baby a secret. Klaus and Elijah meet. Klaus of coarse does the typical man thing and deny the baby first. Klaus hears the baby’s heartbeat and says kill Haley and the baby but Elijah steps in and saves the day. Elijah begs Klaus to save the town and his child and he refuses. Turns out Sophie and Haley are linked. 

Marcel gets a visit from Elijah after Klaus takes a bite out of Marcel’s crew. Marcel talks all big and bad and Elijah lets him know that Klaus’s bite can heal. He requests the body of the slain witch and presents it to the witches as a bargaining chip but threatens in the same sentence. Elijah tells Klaus he will take responsibility of the baby. He beats the sense into Klaus or attempts to beat it into him. Yet, he does get Klaus to act accordingly. Klaus and Elijah are playing Marcel and they now live in a house with Haley. Klaus stabs Elijah with the knife and puts him down because according to him he is weak. 

Marcel's secret weapon of control is a girl named Davina who must be a witch that is a vampire.

My Thoughts: Interesting spin off. I wonder what Marcel did to be able to control the witches and drive away all the werewolves. Also the hybrid baby brings a whole new spin to the world. Has Klaus fathered any other babies? I am sure this is not the first chick he has hooked up with.

I like that Elijah is the calming factor on Klaus. Klaus is his own worst enemy and is so stubborn and hard headed that he will sacrifice his child to keep control. As Marcel’s maker, Klaus should just kill him and call it a day. Klaus is a spoiled brat and wants what Marcel has, it is always about power to Klaus. 

Klaus is always a jerk to his siblings. He needs to recognize he can only pull his crap but so many times. 

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