Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4. Ep. 3 “Infected”

 Important Moments:

Show starts with someone feeding the Walkers at the fence with mice. Tyrese and his lady friend are making nice. She takes a stroll into the shower room. The zombie boy is now walking the hall and takes a bite out of someone. Infection time! Rick and Carl farm and Rick does not want to help with the fence clean up and he will not let Carl do it either. Carl asks for his gun back. Outbreak and Clean up time. People were bit and zombies were killed.

They believe there is a sickness that is running around causing people to die which leads to them becoming zombies. It’s Outbreak plus Zombies! A guy is bit and his daughter steps forward to do the deed of killing him but fails to do so in the end. The crew decides maybe there needs to be some type of quarantine and worry about anyone that may be sick. Carol tells the little girl that she is weak for not killing her father when it needed to be done. Wow! The girl’s sister just says she is messed up and not weak.

Darryl is wearing his mask as he buries the bodies. Rick does not want to be a leader. Fence defense time. The fence is caving in and they have to kill the zombies that have begun a little horde. In order to get them off the fence, Rick sacrifices the pigs. Poor Wilbert!

Carol tries to manipulate Carl into not telling his father that she is training the kids to defend themselves. Michonne gets upset when she hears the baby cry and at first refuses to hold her. I am guessing there was a baby in her past that she lost. Carol is trying to break the little girl out of humanizing the Walkers. Carl lets his father know what Carol has been doing. Rick agrees to let her keep doing what she is doing and will not say anything. Rick gives Carl back his gun and straps on his as well. Tyrese visits his lady friend and sees a trail of blood and the burnt bodies of the two inhabitants of the quarantined area. 

My Thoughts:

The love story of Maggie and Glenn is nice but to think about the comics you know it is going to end badly. It is sad. The relationship of Michonne with the Rick and Carl is nice. It is a shame to see all the death but when you have a lot of people in one area the potential for infection to occur is higher. I understand that you want to help people but you have to keep yourself safe first.

I understand Carol wants the kids to be strong but c’mon letting one of them kill their own Dad, that’s ridiculous. Not everyone is a beast like Carl who took out his Mom.

Rick is a smart man and even though he does not want to be a leader; in the end he always steps up and does what needs to be done. The concept of a mutated virus killing people is a good touch. It is Contagion all over again just that this time you have the people coming back after they die. Okay now they made Tyrese mad by killing his love interest. Someone actually went in there and killed and burned those people. Wow who is doing all this?

In my humble opinion, Carl should never be without a gun. He is too badass to walk around unarmed! 

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