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TV Show Wrap-up Week of 10/19/2013

Hello Everyone,

I decided to share my thoughts on some shows that I just do not have the time to do a full recap and review. So I decided to do week wrap-ups of shows that I watched and want to share my thoughts with you.

Witches of East End
10/13/2013 Episode 1.2

My Thoughts:

Freya and Ingrid have to deal with the reality that they are witches. Freya being the passionate one yells at her mother for the lies. I like that Ingrid while the rational one appears to be taking to the craft even though she pulled a huge no-no by resurrecting their Aunt Wendy. You do not have to know anything about magic to know the basic rule that if you bring someone back to life you will have to pay a price. The shape shifter continues to be after Joanna and the weird symbol keeps being placed all over the place. I am waiting for them to explain what the symbol means and to find out who is after Joanna. I also believe that while Dash may be human of some sort that Killian is not and he may be supernatural of some sort. I look forward to seeing what next week holds.

10/15/2013 Episode 9.2 “Devil May Care”

My Thoughts:

I still do not respect Dean for taking Sam’s choice away from him in regards to being an Angel host. At least we get to see Kevin again who is a little bit put off to learn that the Angels fell. I understand why they kidnapped Crowley but at the same time I wonder why they just do not kill him. He is too dangerous to live; it does not matter what information he has. Abbadon (Knight of Hell) is back and trying to round up some followers which makes sense since Crowley is down for the count. I enjoyed Kevin using his natural ability of hacking to put the army lady in place. The best torture ever is leaving Crowley alone with his thoughts. Great job Dean and Sam. I think Crowley was quite foolish for bringing up Kevin’s mom but he has his own plans to get free so I understand. I just wish Kevin was stronger so he cannot be easily influenced by Crowley. 

The fight sequence of the Winchesters versus the demons is always fun. Angel Sam takes over and kills the Demons very easily. It looked freaking badass! The heart to heart with Sam and Ezekiel is creepy but awesome at the same time. Dean tells Kevin he is family which is deep and I appreciate moments like this. Sam apparently is unnaturally happy despite everything essentially going to hell and Dean is concerned by the influence of the Angel. I wonder how betrayed Sam will feel when he learns about the Angel and how it will play out when the Angel ultimately betrays them because you know that will happen.

The Originals  
10/15/2013 Episode 1.3 “Tangled Up In Blue”

My Thoughts:

Klaus is so funny just asking for Elijah’s body back from Marcel who promptly says no. Thierry, Marcel’s right hand man, does not trust Klaus which is smart. Rebekah has a great ability in doling out violence like no other but she always appears to do it for a reason. Apparently the thing that the witches want is Davina away from Marcel’s control. Klaus is beyond diabolical, his ability to manipulate should be bottled. He basically undermined Marcel’s right hand man by using Thierry’s love for a witch. I found it interesting that apparently Haley attracts wolves because of her pregnancy. The use of the bartender to distract Marcel was genius and the ball that Marcel was holding was beautiful.

My question is what makes Davina able to sense magic and have the ability to block magic from affecting the vampires. I still hold the belief that she is a witch that is somehow related to the Originals. It is freaky that Marcel basically buries bad vampires in the walls of the quarter. Klaus’s plan does work since Marcel agrees to give Elijah back. Klaus of coarse being the fool that he is plans on harnessing the power of Davina. Obviously this is not going to work out for him but let him continue his thirst for power. Apparently there is some type of power struggle between Davina and Marcel. She does not want to let go of Elijah until she can kill him. The witch who did a spell to see the sex of the baby apparently spoke some weird language that Haley is determined to figure out. What if Haley is having twins, one wolf, one vampire. What kind of powers would a born vampire have?  I guess we have to wait and see.

Sons of Anarchy
10/15/2013 Episode 6.6 “Salvage”

The aftermath of the bomb is devastating. The table has to make some hard decision in regards to messing with the Irish. Jax knows that he has to talk to Clay about the bomb. Frankly the blowing up of the club was horrible. I just do not understand why Jax does not realize how bad this is for his family. He needs to get out but I understand it is impossible to get out. I understand the DA wants the club and a conviction but I respect the sheriff for letting her know that it is a set up. The club meets up with some jerk cops that apparently are pulling a snow job on them and they fight the cops and run. With awesome planning they flip the SUV filled with cops and get away.

The other chapters are meeting up and they see Bobby. I really miss seeing him. He was always one of my favorites! Jax appeals to the other chapters about the changing times. Wow 20 members killed in the last two years because of the guns. That is a good reason to leave the whole business alone. Bobby has been planning on ways to help the club and recruiting the best of the best. Niro is visited by the transgender woman we met in a previous season. He apparently helped her in the past and was the pimp to her mother. Juice is apparently feeling a lot of anger especially when he sees that his bike has been chopped. The club finds a crap load of stolen merchandise. The DA throws off her wig and lets Tara know that she will be prosecuting the case herself. I do not want Tara to go to jail but I want to see the drama play at as she tries to make her escape. 

The Tomorrow People
10/16/2013 Episode 1.2 “In Too Deep”

My Thoughts:

Wow to have special powers would be awesome. I do like that Stephen decides to go work with the enemy, Ultra. Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Telepathy are the three types of powers that the evolved super humans can have. Turns out that the new species of humans cannot kill but Jedikiah still wants to control them if not kill them. Even though there are only the three T’s, Stephen was able to control time which according to the others makes him the chosen one. I do not understand how he truly believes that he can work the system from the inside especially when he sees the company want to kill a 17 year old boy. Frankly he needs to take down the whole company from the outside but considering that his uncle is evil and in control does keep his hands tied.

I like that Stephen tries to really show that he did not make a mistake with working with Ultra but he knows he did wrong. He did a great job defending his mind against the uber-telepath. I wonder how many extra powers Stephen will develop. It is sad when Stephen learns that by letting the rogue go it leads to his partner being killed. It is sad that even though Stephen wants out, he is now essential for The Tomorrow People and has to stay. This show was truly a surprise and I look forward to seeing what else occurs.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
10/17/2013 Episode 1.2 “Trust Me”

My Thoughts:

I like the concept of Alice falling in love with Sirus, the genie from Aladdin. Sirus ended up in Wonderland due to the last wish of his previous owner. I think Alice puts too much trust into the Knave of Hearts. I am not sure she should trust him at all. He made a reference to the Care Bears, if I see one I will laugh immensely. It appears as though the Red Queen made a really bad mistake with her alliance with Jafar. Alice sounds a little bit obsessed with Sirus to me. The way she keeps mentioning Sirus’s name is starting to get annoying. The White Rabbit is a spy. 

He is delivering information to the Queen but appears to not want to share it. Sirus is in a hanging silver cage and has a friend who is locked in a cage as well. The laws of magic, cannot bring anyone back to life, cannot change the past, and cannot make anyone fall in love – these are the laws that the Red Queen and Jafar would like to change. They did a great job of showing how Sirus and Alice meet. The bottle is not where Alice hoped it was and turns out the Red Queen took it. The Red Queen has the bottle and Jafar has the genie now they just need Alice to use her wishes. The Red Queen broke her promise to the Rabbit and he is obligated to still follow her orders. Alice believes she was betrayed by Sirus but it turns out the White Rabbit knew where the bottle was the whole time. Sirus renews Alice’s hope by sending her a letter. I believe the Knave will betray her and she will be deeply hurt when she realizes the White Rabbit betrayed her as well. I wonder if we will get to see Jasmine?

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