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TV Show Wrap-up Week of 10/26/2013

Witches of East End
Episode 1.2 10/20/2013

Freya, Ingrid, and Joanna have bad dreams. I like that Wendy is going to teach the girls magic because they do need to learn but I am concerned that they will be killed because of it. I do agree with Wendy that Joanna needs to stop being in denial and go on the offensive especially if the shifter has a doll that can suck out her powers. At least Wendy has the sense to tell Ingrid to not cast any spells without her. It is sad to see how many enemies Joanna really has. Dash shares the story of how Killian slept with Dash’s old fiancĂ©. I am sure Freya feels like an idiot to find out this is Killian’s way. Of coarse Ingrid makes up a spell on her own anyway. Ingrid messes up and her hands become stone but Wendy is at least there to fix her mistake. Joanna faces off with the shape shifter. Freya walks in and helps her mother. I wonder what the whole story is between Killian and Dash. I still think they are supernatural of some sort. The ladies perform a spell of protection together. It was nice to see them together.

The Originals Season 1, Ep. 4 “Girl in New Orleans

The episode starts with Klaus and Camille talking. He talks to her and compels her not to be scared and tells her the truth about what he is. Davina wants to go to a street fair and he tells her no but she gives him a demonstration of her powers and says she can go. I like that Camille is so curious about how Klaus’s power works. Klaus actually asks Camille to accept the invite and then adds a little compulsion to it. It is nice to see Davina allowed out to play. Haley goes to some back woods in the bayou in order to get a check up on the baby. Awe Davina has a little crush on a fiddle player. I wonder why she was taken out of school at the age of ten. Rebekah finds a church where a massacre occurred. Rebekah does find Elijah in the attic but due to a witch spell she cannot get in. Elijah is awake and talks to Rebekah in a dream state. Haley is almost kidnapped at the clinic but makes a run for it. I think her birthmark means something to the people in New Orleans and the fact that she is having a baby makes it interesting. Poor Camille is stuck doing all of Klaus’s bidding.

Davina meets with the fiddler boy at the church and lets him know that she misses seeing him. The massacre was caused by Camille’s twin brother. The priest lets Marcel know that he has a problem on his hands and he should not forget that people know his secret. I wonder what his secret is? Klaus plays mind games with Davina about how Marcel is not her friend. Fight time! Haley fights for her life in the woods and kicks ass, then both her and Rebekah get hit by arrows and Haley goes missing. Klaus heals the fiddler and compels him to forget making Davina owe him a favor. Haley shows back up and does not remember what happened to her. The wolf that has been following Haley actually protected her. I really think this wolf is attracted to her because of the role her birthmark plays. Isn’t the birthmark for the Original Werewolves or something? Camille realizes that maybe a vampire compelled her brother. She begs Klaus to not take the pain of her brother’s actions away from her. He however compels the pain away but promises that he will find out what happened. I really think he cares about Camille. Elijah is completely awake and lets Davina know it is time
they have a talk.

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 3 “I am no Angel”

Cass is working and helping others living as a human. He walks out and sees two priests with their eyes burned out. Angels anyone? Dean is talking to Sam and then all of sudden it is Ezekiel. Ezekiel lets him know that there is a faction of angels organizing to take over human vessels and go after Cass. Girl explodes after she says she wants to be a vessel for angels. Apparently not everyone is capable of handling being a vessel. Poor Cass an angel finds him and he has to kill him. I know the constant killing of his own is weighing heavily on him. Cass uses his last bit of money to have a tattoo to ward him from the Angels. How deep was it that a human lets Cass know that he needs to have faith and that someone is listening. I think the angels forgot that God still exists.

The head Angel decides to employ a reaper to find Cass. Cass meets a nice young lady that gives him a sandwich. The Winchesters are being stalked by a Reaper trying to find Cass through them. They catch him. Cass gets physical with the lovely young lady that cares for him. Sam and Dean get information out of the reaper and find out they should be concerned with Bartholomew. Turns out the nice young lady is in fact a reaper. The blue eye freaky thing of Sam is getting very scary. I think we all know this is going to end badly. Cass is all tied up and is being tortured. Sam and Dean show up after Cass has been stabbed with what looks like a fatal wound. Angel Sam is able to heal Cass’s wounds. Dean has to keep making up these stories to cover Angel Sam’s actions. This is going to end so badly when it comes out. Angel Sam says that Cass needs to go or he will leave because it is dangerous to have him there. Dean makes a hard decision and tells Cass he needs to leave. I truly question the motives of Ezekiel. I think there is more going on than what we know.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Ep. 7 “Sweet and Vaded”

The guys are cleaning out the club. The music is always so pivotal in this show. The guys set up in an ice cream shop. Tara is withdrawaling her own blood. She is working a deal with her boss. I love seeing Bobby back and happy to see that the table is salvageable. The DA makes Niro a deal to give up the MC in order to walk on the murder charge. New guys that Bobby hustled up are officially in and the club is looking for ways to earn legitimate money. They decide to welcome Rat Boy to be a full member but at first they scare the crap out of him. It is nice to see the club have some good times. Marx is willing to wait on the club to work things out. Gemma lets Niro know that Venus is in trouble and Niro begs Gemma to help Venus. Turns out that Venus’s mother made Venus a child the star of various child pornography. Venus and the crew goes and tries to get his son. High speed chase ensues when Venus’s mom takes the boy and runs.

Tara has plans on top of plans. It is crazy. Men should always worry about a woman with a plan. Alice is spewing how the boy will grow up and hate who is father is. It hits too close to home for Jax and he shoots her in the head. Gemma shows up the hospital after Wendy riles her up. The boss is in on it. Tara faked the pregnancy and now the miscarriage. She fakes that Gemma attacked her and uses the blood as evidence. Wow! I was not ready for how far Tara would go to get her boys out of danger, but at the same time a mother would do anything for her children. End song - Gemma gets arrested and Jax shows up to care for Tara. Venus watches her son get on a bus to Seattle. Tara is in the hospital being taken care of. Gemma is being booked for assault. Tara lets Jax know that she cannot be around Gemma anymore and shows Jax the bruise on her stomach from Gemma “kicking” her. She makes Jax promise that Gemma will never be around the boys again. Jax signs the paperwork to bar Gemma from the kids. I remember when Tara was fighting her boss and now they work together to get Tara’s agenda done. Gemma sitting in jail realizes that she has been played.  

The Tomorrow People Season 1, Ep. 3 “Girl, Interrupted”

Show starts with a flashback of a guy at a dance picking up a deaf girl. He attacks her in the car and she is able to use her powers to throw him off her. It turns out it is Cara. After she uses her powers she is able to hear. Stephen is at a party with his best friend and is able to hear people’s thoughts. The super humans are given a shot and their powers are taken. Cara lets him know that Stephen cannot interfere with Emily’s life. Stephen is in training and Cara is helping by listening in. I think it is very risky to have Stephen break into Ultra. Flashback Cara is arrested because when she used telekinesis it resulted in the guy dying. She however gets out of the cuffs by teleporting.

The Tomorrow People are set up and Cara gets kidnapped. Stephen volunteers to be the one to inject Cara with the treatment to make her human again. He faked giving her the medication and she is able to get out with her powers. Stephen’s best friend sees him use his powers as he leaves the scene from saving Emily from killing herself. Cara shows the ending of her past and how her father asks her to leave to protect herself and the family. Stephen is confronted by Astrid about his powers. He denies but she lets him know she will figure it out.

Wonderland Season 1, Ep. 3 “Forget Me Not”

Flashback: When the Knave of Hearts was in the Forbidden Forest he apparently joined Robin Hood and his Merry Men for a woman. He led them to steal from Magnificent. He stole a mirror as well. He betrayed the Merry Man but Robin Hood says that he will not do anything to him because he will pay for his deception. The Knave runs home to Anastasia and givers her the looking glass. Turns out his Anastasia is the Red Queen. They use the looking glass to go to Wonderland. I hope we get to see how this goes wrong.

While in Wonderland the Knave and Alice go to see the Caterpillar who is mad creepy. He is scary to see and way more evil than I remember. He likes to collect heads. I do not recall him doing this but I guess I should pick up the book again. He tells the Knave that he can wipe out his debt if he can collect the Forget Me Not. This is not a flower but an actual rope tied into a circle with a knot. You can look into the circle and see what occurred at that location in the past. Alice plans to use the knot to see who took the bottle from the hole. Alice and Will have to go to see the Grendel. I wonder if this is the Grendel that we all had to read about in high school English? He is grotesque and turned that way after stealing the knot from the Red Queen. A monster shows up and Alice with the help of the Knave kill it and save Grendel in the process who in turn gives the knot to them. Alice uses the knot and sees the White Rabbit taking the bottle and giving it to the Red Queen. Jafar visits the Caterpillar for information about the Knave. Knave shows his Merry Man side and does not give the knot to the Caterpillar. I like the extra layer of information in regards to the Red Queen and the Knave. She seemed so happy and innocent in the past. I wonder what happened in Wonderland to make things go that bad.

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  1. I applaud you for remember all those details. I only watch one of those shows (Supernatural) your list was a good read.