Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Ep. 8 “The Well” Review

Important Moments: 

Show starts with references to the Thor movie. The team is in Greenwich. Simmons is dodging her parents. Coulson complains about cleaning up after the visitors from Asgard. Skye and May agree that Thor is dreamy. In Norway a group uncovers a metal rod. The woman touches the rod and takes on rage from the rod and attacks those around her. The team is now in Norway and they look at the area where the rod came from. They discover that the item was Asgardian. They figure it is a staff of some sort.

They believe that is Norse crazies (people obessed with the Norse Gods) are the ones behind the madness. They must contact an expert in Norse Mythology, Professor Randolph, to figure out what the rod is. He identifies it as a berserker staff. The staff can put the person into a rage. The myth has the staff being broken into three pieces. Inside a tree, buried in bones with dead, and close to god, are where the pieces are located.

Ward and Skye are searching for the rod pieces. Ward finds Randolph with a piece of the rod. Ward touches the staff and passes out. Randolph is confronted by the team with the other part of the rod. Ward had a vision of a kid drowning in a well. Ward does not remember what happens and does not understand what happened to him and does not believe anything is wrong with him. Ward is being a jerk and is all junked up on adrenaline. Randolph claims he wanted to see a gift from the gods. Ward is punching the bag and reliving the drowning. May interrupts and dodges Ward’s swing like a pro. Ward speaks to Coulson and says that he is compromised. He does not trust himself. Coulson believes in him and sends him in to talk to Randolph. Randolph is uncovered as being from Asgard. Randolph seems a little bit bitter that he stayed on Earth. Randolph lets Ward know that the affects will wear off eventually. Crazy Norse guy stabs Randolph in the heart with part of the rod. 

Ward fight time! Ward is reliving the death of his brother who he let drown while he is fighting the whole room. Bad chick walks in and May picks up the rod and starts kicking butt. The staff is put back together and Randolph is alive. Coulson has a heart to heart with Randolph about dying and living again. He has no memory of it. Randolph is still sticking on earth. Skye lets Ward know that she is there to talk. May and Ward share a “night cap”. Coulson is relaxing and having a massage in Tahiti. Coulson wakes up from a nightmare of Tahiti.

My Thoughts:

Well done Marvel in bringing in the Thor connection. I wonder how they will work in more aspects of The Avengers 2. I love the actor playing Professor Randolph, Peter MacNicol. He was so awesome in Ghostbusters 2. While Ward is being a jerk he seems to be speaking a little bit of the truth that he feels. Turns out the effects of the rod just brings out the dark parts of a person so its almost like a truth serum. If we did not have our natural filters we all would act like Ward in my opinion.

Okay now they are being too heavy handed with the Coulson is not Coulson story line. Does he have to mention it every episode?This is just getting annoying. They are not beating it over our heads. Welp, until next week. 

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