Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Ep. 8 “Into Darkness”

Important Moments: 

Show starts with Death all tied up with UV lights on him. The team cannot figure out how to destroy the Horseman. Hunters are tracking dear and find the horse of the headless horseman. One of the hunters is part of the crazy side and kills the other hunter and contacts someone to let them know that something has happened to the horseman. The captain summons Jenny. He asks for her help but he needs to know that she is completely on their side. Abbie and Crane ask Andy how to break him. They realize that Andy is Death’s necromancer. At least Andy is honest by saying they cannot trust him.

Jenny and the captain investigate a robbery. Jenny used to work with the owner in the past and knows of a secret room. The item that goes missing can be used to break the spell on the Horseman. Andy is there to speak for Death. Crane taunts Death who produces a necklace that belonged to Katrina. Flashback of Crane helping the man that Katrina was betrothed to pick out jewelry for her. Crane tells Katrina to not break off her engagement but she is intent on being with Crane.

Jenny and the Captain raid a warehouse and quickly overcome the guards. The grid is destroyed and the UV lights are off. Death continues to taunt Crane about Katrina. Then Crane asks why Death was so focused on Crane. Death’s mission side mission is to kill Crane. Death is getting under Crane’s skin by accusing him of killing Abraham. Abbie separates Crane from the horseman to find more about the Abraham story.

Flashback of Abraham becoming upset with Crane and attempting to duel with Crane. Crane keeps trying to talk him out of a duel but in the ned he must duel. They duel and Abraham ends up being shot and is wounded. Crane must leave his fallen friend. Abbie tells Crane that he needs to calm down before he goes back to interrogating Death. The Captain and Jenny show up. Abbie, Jenny, and the Captain work together to stop anyone from coming down into the tunnels. Andy pulls something out of his side. He uses it to break the spell. The team faces weird demons. The Horseman breaks free and challenges Crane to a duel. He realizes that the Horseman is his friend Abraham. Flashback of Abraham being visited by the demon and being changed into a horseman. Abraham made the deal for Katrina. As the Horseman is about to win Andy calls the demons to grab him and the Horseman. He claims that it is forbidden to kill Crane. The team thinks that they can still save Katrina’s soul. The Horseman’s weakness is Katrina.

My Thoughts:

You cannot destroy death. The point of the Horseman is to spread it but there is no way you can stop it completely. Ugh! There Crane goes again knowing everything ie. Necromancer. He automatically can read hieroglyphics, really? Come on! They need to make this more believable. Now they want to interrogate the Horseman? How about you find a way to get him out of Sleepy Hollow permanently and call it a win. 

I did enjoy the twist of the horseman being Abraham. This is personal now. Death does not truly care about his mission or the apocalypse he just wants to hurt Crane and have Katrina for himself. 

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