Thursday, November 14, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3, Ep. 6 “The Axeman Cometh” Review

Important Moments: 

Show starts in 1919 New Orleans with a man doing a voice over saying he is the Axeman. Apparently the Axeman is a murderer. He actually wrote to the newspaper saying that the people of New Orleans who do not play jazz music when he arrives he will kill them. The ladies of the Witch School refuse to give in to it so they play opera instead. They lay the trap and each stab him and assist in killing him.

Zoe is going through Madison’s stuff and ends up finding a secret panel in the closet. She finds a Ouija board and old pictures showing that the witches are a dying breed. The girls decide to use the spirit board to find Madison. The Axeman makes contact and says he was killed there. Fiona is getting treatment for cancer. The girls realize that witches killed the Axeman. Queenie and Nan decide not to participate in contacting the Axeman again and Zoe decides to do it on her own. The Axeman tells her where to find Madison’s body. She and the girls tie up the butler. The butler claims he killed Madison but the girls know better than to take his word.

Delia comes home and is stronger and angrier. She asks her husband about the red head. She had a flash of images after he touched her. She kicks her husband out. Delia now has the second sight. Misty is out in the bayou. She has a body in the ground that she is watering. Kyle shows up and goes a little crazy when he ends up thinking about the abuse of his mother. Zoe shows up to take him and Misty back to the school.

Misty says its too late to bring Madison back but Zoe demands it. Misty is able to bring her back to life. Delia’s husband, Hank, shows up to Marie’s to let her know that Delia has the second sight. Delia’s husband is a witch hunter hired by Marie to kill the descendants of Salem. She is also not the one that blinded Delia. Flashback of apparently the red head being interviewed by Delia and the husband listening on. Marie demands the heads of everyone in the home. Zoe gets the girls to keep quiet about Madison.

Delia is in her room getting ready for bed and the Axeman is there. Madison is slowly starting to look more human but she is a little bit confused about what happened. Delia is able to see the Axeman. The Axeman has Delia trapped. Zoe is able to concentrate and find the right book to do a spell to get rid of the Axeman. The Axeman is seen walking out of the house. The Axeman meets with Fiona in the bar. Uh oh!

My Thoughts:

I wonder why the witches are dying. Zoe is beyond foolish for messing with the spirit board by herself. Everyone knows how dangerous it is and yet she refuses to listen to her coven members and does what she wants which only leads to problems.

Okay let me tell you how much I love Angela Bassett. I love how much of a strong character she is. She truly kicks butt on this show. Marie seems to hate all witches but that isn’t right. Not every witch is the problem or caused her pain. She needs to let go of the vendetta but at the same time it looks like she is pretty successful in wiping out the witches.

Okay so Hank is a witch hunter that was put into place by Marie. I totally forgot about witch hunters in the mix of it all. This adds a great twist and now we know why he killed the red head. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Oh and one last thought, who blinded Delia?

According to the previews it looks like Delia finds out about her mother killing Madison

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