Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 7 “Death and the Maiden” Review

Important Moments:

Silas is sitting at a bus stop telling his story to a couple, who do not believe him and think he is crazy. Silas starts to kill the guy and his lady friend runs off. Silas takes the bus and it seems he is even more crazy. Stefan is having a nightmare about his time under water. Elena shows up and wakes him up. Stefan lets Elena know that his memories are back. Damon quizzes Stefan to make sure his memories are back. Stefan is shown crazy Amara who they are responsible to keep alive. Jeremy and Bonnie talk about what will happen if the other side disappears.

Katherine is working with Dr. Maxfield and he lets her know that she is aging now that she is human. He lets her know that she has a few months to live. Damon tells Silas to come back but Silas is being a jerk and says he will not help with getting Bonnie back. Gypsy vampire lady is back and bothering Caroline. Amara says she knows Jeremy and that he is a hunter that Silas killed him. Amara can see Bonnie and knows that she is dead. She essential is in the world of the living and dead at the same time and in reality is not crazy just talking to spirits. They decide to make a deal with Tessa to make Bonnie the anchor instead.

Elena asks Stefan not to do anything crazy. She asks him not to take on Silas. Stefan talks about his time in the safe under water. Tessa says she needs the doppelgangers to do the spell.. Katherine does not feel like dealing with her daughter and has been avoiding her. Elena shows Tessa to Amara who makes her apologize for her actions. Katherine asks Tessa to make her stop aging. All three doppelgangers are together. This is interesting. She uses the blood to work magic but Silas shows up and interrupts the spell.

Tessa finds Silas in the house. Stefan grabbed Amara and takes her off the property to get Silas out of the house. Katherine cannot heal and cannot drink vampire blood. Silas finds Amara and says she cannot live anymore. Silas has to be the one to kill her. Stefan shows up to fight Silas.

Stefan stabs Silas in the heart. Amara takes the knife and stabs herself. Damon begs Amara to live long enough for the spell to work. Bonnie is talking to Jeremy letting him know that Amara is dying and that the do not have time. Luckily Tessa is a kick ass witch and able to get the spell to work in time. Bonnie is back!!!! Tears!!!! Jeremy and Bonnie together! Tessa refuses to help Katherine and has slit her wrists. Tessa informs Bonnie that as being the anchor she feels the pain of the death of every supernatural being as they pass. Katherine's daughter shows up and asks her to go with her. Katherine tells Nadia to go and that she will not see her again. Stefan's problems from the safe are still very present; killing Silas did not help. 

My Thoughts:

There are three Elena’s running around. I am sure this has to confuse people. Okay so Katherine is over 500 years old and is now aging because she is human. That means that Silas and Amara have an even shorter span since they are 2000 years old. Tessa is great at the one liners. She delivers them well.

Tessa is funny. She is crazy but awesome crazy. She refuses to let the cheater win. She takes it beyond destroying windshields and slashing tires she keeps the vendetta going for millenniums.  I knew there was going to be a catch when Bonnie became the anchor. It all seemed to be too easy.

I understand where Katherine is coming from. I think that she was so mean to her daughter because she knows she is dying and does not want her daughter to watch her die. You have to respect her for that. 

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