Thursday, November 21, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3, Ep. 7 “The Dead” Review

Important Moments: 

Flashback of Kyle with his frat brothers getting tattoos. He says he wants to be an engineer and make sure the effects of Katrina does not happen again. Present day Kyle sees the tattoos of his friends on his new body. Madison is sitting on the stairs reflecting on her life. She cannot feel anything and is even experimenting with fire burning her skin. Zoe is talking to Kyle and has a gun and he takes ir from her and is about to kill himself and she takes the gun back. Queenie takes LaLaurie to a burger spot. She is so happy to be trying this new type of food. LaLaurie points out that they will never consider Queenie a sister witch because she is Black. 

Hank calls Delia begging to come home. Delia wanders and finds Madison and sees her death. Fiona is spending time with the Axeman in some apartment. The previous owner of the apartment is laying dead in the bathtub. Okay I wondered how he had an apartment so quick. Fiona tries to walk out saying that she is no good but he is able to sweet talk her into saying.

Zoe is trying to teach Kyle how to talk and function normally. Madison does not remember Kyle at first. Madison has a heart to heart with Kyle about how it is bad being alive on this side. Kyle tries to comfort her by giving her a hug. Queenie visits Marie. Marie says Queenie has a home with them if she bring LaLaurie. Delia tells Zoe that she has a bullseye on her back. She tells her that her mother killed Madison because she thought she was the supreme. She tells Zoe that she is going to kill her mother to stop her from killing anyone else. Zoe walks into her dorm room and sees Madison and Kyle having sex.

Fiona says she needs to go. Axeman lets her know that he knows everything about her. Flashback of Fiona being bullied and the Axeman helping her. Axeman recalls how he grew to love Fiona. Fiona tells him to go haunt someone else’s life. Spalding wakes up and is wearing a crazy looking robe. Spalding is alive and he has his tongue. Zoe found his tongue and does a spell to give him back his tongue. She asks for the truth from Spalding. Spalding tells her that Fiona killed Madison and then Zoe kills him.  

Queenie asks LaLaurie what is the worse thing she ever did. Flashback of LaLaurie eating with her husband and she asks her cook to become her handmaiden. The cook had an affair with the husband and had a baby by him. LaLaurie killed the baby and used the blood for her facial and the next day the cook killed herself. LaLaurie says she is grateful to have a true friend in Queenie to guide her. Fiona’s hair keeps falling out.

Madison talks to Zoe about Kyle. Madison says she is not giving him up but she says Zoe does not have to give him up either. Madison pulls Zoe out of the shower they both pull her into bed with them. Um, wow! Fiona shows up to see the Axeman playing his saxophone. Queenie brings LaLaurie to see Marie. LaLaurie feels betrayed by Queenie. Together Queenie and Marie torture LaLaurie. Marie is seen putting on a blood facial.

My Thoughts:

Zoe is crazy and foolish. She should have never brought him back. It was beyond stupid. Everyone knows bringing back the dead brings back something else. He is all kinds of messed up but yet Madison is fine. I wonder why.

Zoe has gone off the deep end. She did the tongue spell and then she kills Spalding like it is nothing. She then jumps into bed with Madison and Kyle which is interesting. LaLaurie continues to share stories of how evil she was. Is there any redeeming quality in that woman. She is every level of evil but I do think Queenie cares for her and in the end will take her out of Marie's home.  

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