Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 8 “Dead Man on Campus” Review

Important Moments:

Dr. Maxfield is doing his experiments on Jessie. He gives Jessie blood and Jessie gets strong and attacks Dr. Maxfield. Bonnie is alive and back with an awesome hair do. Jeremy and Bonnie are together! Yay! Elena invites Aaron to the party for Bonnie. Stefan keeps having visions of his time in water and declines the invite to the party. Katherine helps translate the crazy spirit inside Matt.

Caroline gets a phone call from Jessie begging for her to come help him. She discovers him eating his roommate, Aaron. Jessie explains the experiments done on him. Caroline teaches Jessie the new vampire way of life. Katherine is hanging out with Stefan. They have a heart to heart. Katherine is complaining and Stefan is suffering from PTSD. She introduces Stefan to her daughter, Nadia. Damon is asking Maxfield questions. Stefan, Nadia, and Katherine find out that the traveler was tasked with killing Katherine. She stabs him and expels him from Matt. Apparently the knife he had can do that and Katherine’s grandfather was a traveler. 

Bonnie is at the party and sees the lady from before that crossed over. Damon keeps injecting Maxfield with various diseases to get him to talk. Jessie is dancing with Caroline. Nice! Maxfield was trying to turn Jessie into a new kind of vampire. He wants to change the vampires food source. Jessie craves vampire blood not human blood because of Maxfield’s experiment. Aaron shows up at the party. Aaron and Elena bond over the death of their parents. Aaron’s parents were killed by vampires. Stefan is drinking at a bar and starts reliving his time in the water and starts freaking out. Katherine is able to talk him down. 

Nadia is upset with Katherine for killing the traveler. Jessie comes in ready to kill Maxfield and attacks Damon instead for his blood. He is actually stronger than Damon. Elena comes to help Damon who is being fed on by Jessie. Elena stakes him. Caroline is upset with Elena for killing Jessie. Caroline says the old Elena would have given Jessie a chance. Stefan finds a suicide note from Katherine to Nadia. She jumps off a building but Stefan catches her instead. She lets Stefan know about how she is dying. He reminds her of who she is. Bonnie is no longer a witch now that she is the anchor. 

Jeremy sees the pain that Bonnie goes through when a supernatural being goes through her. Caroline keeps attacking Damon and how he is dangerous. Damon remembers being an Augustine vampire and he was one of the experiments. Maxfield gets loose and knocks Damon out. Damon is now back in the clutches of Augustine and is actually back in his original cell. 

My Thoughts: 

How did Dr. Maxfield not know that vampires become strong when they have blood. Hasn't he done other experiments? This makes no sense. Jeremy is so hot and there goes Bonnie hiding from everyone that it is painful when a supernatural being crosses over.

You have to respect Damon for being who he is. He does what truly needs to be done with no qualms. Wow vampires feeding on vampires like Klaus’s dad. Okay and how dare Caroline make Elena feel bad. The old Elena did stupid stuff, I am happy with the new Elena. Lastly poor Damon was experimented on in the past and now is being experimented on again. I wonder who Augustine is and what is the real deal behind it all. Maybe Elena's father was one of those who experimented on Damon? I look forward to seeing how Aaron reacts to it all. 

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