Friday, November 22, 2013

Colored Controllers: Gaming Gear

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to introduce everyone to an awesome company called Colored Controllers. I stumbled across them on Instagram and I was instantly a fan. If you like to have your rig and accessories customized this is the company for you. Check out the interview below. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your company?

Growing up my friends and I were always taking things apart to see how they worked. I was always browsing the Xbox-scene forums and noticed that people were painting their systems. I didn't have an Xbox at the time (it was still pretty new, and I was pretty young) so I somehow convinced my friend to let me borrow his. He hesitantly obliged, so I cracked that thing open and threw some paint and LEDs on it. Fast forward to now and I'm still painting video game hardware. My close friends were by my side learning the painting process right along with me. We always take our custom stuff out when we play in tournaments and over at friends' houses. We decided there was enough interest so we might as well try and make something out of this!

What made you decide to get into your field?

We all want to have a fun job, and usually the best way to do that is to create your own. We are obviously a new company, but would love to have some sort of involvement in the gaming community. None of us are developers or anything like that, so we wanted to find a way to make our interests and hobbies work within the world of gaming. We aren't just some guys out there to make a quick buck. We are die hard gamers who are camping out at midnight releases, reading gaming sites, and putting hours on our consoles. 

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry and the direction that it is heading?

It's a really exciting time to be a gamer. There hasn't been a new major console released in nearly eight years (aside from the Wii-U). Next gen is finally here and I'm excited to see all of the new technology that's coming out. Things like the Ouya are a huge step forward in terms of what I dreamed of as a kid growing up. On top of that it's an excellent time to be an Independent developer. Crowd funding sites and Steam Greenlight mean that indie devs no longer have to rely on huge studios to release their games. The more games the better!

If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go?

I'd love to see less online passes and more new IP's. I feel like these days people are too concerned about playing it safe and making tons of sequels that they know will net them some sales. There's a reason why games like The Last of Us are such a huge hit. Gamers want new characters and story lines but with the way the industry has been shutting down studios left and right it's hard for them to take risks and try something new. You always hear about how the gaming industry has surpassed the movie industry in terms of profits but don't see studios putting that money towards new AAA titles too often.

What is your favorite Video Game and Why?

I really like the game Shenmue from Sega Dreamcast. Something about that game really roped me in. It's a shame they only made two of them and left the second one at such a cliffhanger. I remember the first time I played it, the world felt so alive. The environments and the music in that game is so well done. I'll occasionally throw the soundtrack on as I'm going to sleep, it's so peaceful.

Where can people find your products? What is your contact information?

You can find our products at Contact us with questions at: and feel free to follow us on instagram (@coloredcontrollers) We love all of the support we've been getting from there! It truly means the world to us.

Additional Thoughts and Comments?

I'd like to thank you Victoria for being so cool and wanting to know more about our brand and our story. Thanks everyone who has helped us along the way, we have a lot of ideas in the works and this is only the beginning!