Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Ep. 7 “Dead Weight” Review

The governor (Brian) has met up with a member of his old crew, Martinez. He is doing laundry and playing chess with the little girl. His old crew member lets him know that there is no dead weight and that he is in charge. The governor is on a mission with the men to scout out more supplies. They find a body in the woods with its head cut off and a message, “liar”. A gift from Michonne? Another body found with the message, “rapist”. Another body with a message, “murderer”. They find the cabin that they are looking for. The group searches the cabin for the walker that they are able to hear. They kill the zombie but find more and zombie heads. One of the zombie turns out to be a kid which messes with the governor’s head.

The group is talking about the old place, Woodbury. Brian just wants to move on. He is playing house a little too well with that family. Martinez has a drunken heart to heart with Brian. The governor snaps and hits Martinez in the head after he says that he thinks he might not be able to keep them safe. The governor feeds Martinez to the walkers screaming the whole time that he does not want it. He is referencing the responsibility of being in charge. This is after Martinez suggests they share responsibility of keeping the group safe.

The group has a new leader, Pete, who then asks the Governor for his help. The team is out scouting and finds another camp. Pete says no to robbing the other camp. They arrive to find the camp they just saw has been killed. The governor comes in and tells the women to pack up and its time to leave because the camp is no longer safe. They are on the road and run into a horde of zombies that are stuck in the mud. The governor goes back to the camp and kills Pete. The Governor meets with Mitch and lets him know that Pete is dead. The Governor lets Mitch know that he is taking over the camp and they will do what is necessary to survive.

The Governor is officially in charge with Mitch and they are really working to make the camp safe. The little girl ends up being attacked by a walker but survives because of the Governor. The governor is driving around and gets out the car to take a walk and finds the prison. He sees Rick and Carl farming. He also sees Michonne and Hershel in the woods. The actual fight for the prison will be next week. 

My Thoughts: Last week’s episode was a pointless CW-like filler episode. Frankly they should have combined this episode with last week’s. I know people were like, “oh it gave more depth to the Governor”. Sorry but no it gave them an extra episode to pack in the ratings. The Governor is a killer and a rapist and they are trying to make him more important than what he is should be just like Shane. He served his purpose and should be gone by now but instead they are holding on to his character longer than necessary. Finally we get the fight for the prison that will leave a lot of people dead. Maybe now we will get rid of some of the dead weight in the cast. 

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