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Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Review

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Hello Sweeties! A wee bit late, but my 4yo and I finally got to see the Doctor Who 50th Special! It was FANTASTIC! There’s just so much story and action going on, you don’t realize how long it is! Anything below this picture will indeed be SPOILERS ;-)

 Where to begin??? There are just a few things that really bothered me about the special. HOW did they escape Tanzalore?! They just started like nothing had happened. And how did Clara not know that was Tom Baker at the end? She has seen all of The Doctor’s faces before!

Other than that it was amazing! THIRTEEN Doctors and TARDIS’s in one special…..what’s not to love? Being able to see 10 and 11 together just made you realize how alike they are, and how much they have changed since John Hurt’s time. There are so many small things you can easily miss the first go’round. Some of the obvious: Tom Bakers famous scarf, Captain Jacks Vortex Manipulator, and the wall of past companions, no one was forgotten in this special. And of course “Rose Tyler” is back. But it’s not really her, she is just the interface for The Moment.  She also keeps referring to herself as “Bad Wolf” which is seen a lot during 10 and Rose's time together. Is this why Bad Wolf kept appearing throughout history, to jog The Doctors memory? Was John Hurt the only one that could see her? I’ve seen some talk around that many believe Clara could also see her.

Will we ever find out how many regeneration’s The Doctor has left, and how Tom Baker came back in the end? Maybe not, but it gives us hope that Doctor Who will be around for another 50 years. So was it all along Gallifrey lived……….or did The Doctor(s) really change their history? There’s quite a bit of discussion about this on the net. It does make sense that Gallifrey had always survived, as it explains how the Daleks keep coming back……they never got destroyed in the Time War. It makes my heart happy thinking that they realized they could do good, and save Gallifrey and change their History. Hopefully Moffett will expand on this a bit more. Regardless, it closed a lot of questions for Whovians while celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who! And of course……

Now the countdown until the Xmas special shall begin! ALLONSY!

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