Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Ep. 9 “Save Henry” Review

Important Moments:

Flashback of the day of the curse. Regina is happy about the curse and is talking to Rumplestilskin. He points out that there is a hole in her heart and that she will come to him to fill it. Present day and everyone is around Henry. Pan points out that Rumple is in the box and he floats away. Flashback to 11 years ago. Regina is talking to Jiminy and points out how she is feeling nothing. He points out that she may be feeling a hole and that she has no one to share her life with. Regina goes to Gold about a child. He agrees to get her a child.

Present day of Regina putting a stasis spell on Henry. She is breaking down and upset about Henry. Regina points out that Pan can bleed therefore he can die. Flashback of Regina speaking to Gold about getting a baby boy. She is in the interview with the adoption agency. She gets to hold Henry for the first time. She named him Henry after her father. Present day Emma is speaking to the Lost Boys and trying to get them to see reason. She offers to take them home. The boys let her know that he is at his Thinking Tree.

Flashback of Regina trying to take care of Henry. She takes him to the hospital but there is nothing wrong with him. Regina tries to find the information about the biological parents. She gave Henry to Snow to carry and he immediately stops crying. She is upset to realize that she cannot comfort her son. Regina gets information about her son. Regina realizes that mother was found in the woods outside of Storybrook. She confronts Gold about knowing the mother of Henry. She says she wants Henry to go back to Boston.

Present day. Emma, Regina, and Snow are captured. Flashback of Regina returning Henry to the adoption agency. In the end she decides to keep Henry even knowing the consequences. The other adoptive parents for Henry were Wendy’s brothers. Present day, Pan lets the girls know about Rumple being his son. The tree holds down people with regrets. Regina kindly points out all the bad things she has done and how she has no regrets. She breaks free and rips out Pan’s heart. Regina puts Henry's heart back in him. Flashback of Regina talking to Jiminy. She expresses concern that Henry's birth mother will come back and take Henry back. Regina is in her dungeon and is telling a story to Henry. Regina makes a potion to forget her troubles and fears.

Present day of Regina putting a spell on Henry that will protect his heart. Pan shows up while Henry is alone. They let Rumple out of the box. A beautiful reunion of Rumple and Neal. Pan cannot take Henry's heart. He instead tries to rip off Henry's shadow. Henry and Pan's eyes do a weird flashing thing. Gold is able to trap Pan into the box. Regina uses Pan's shadow to tie him to the sail so they can leave Neverland. Wendy gives Tinkerbell some pixie dust. Henry tries to make peace with one of the lost boys. Henry says Pan never fails. Apparently Pan switched with Henry and now is in Henry's body. Uh Oh!

My Thoughts: 

I just do not understand why everyone deals with Rumple. They know that he is bad and that in the end he will screw them. I really hope that Emma making a promise to take the boys home really works out. If she does not hold to her word then she will be considered a jerk. I like that we got to see the background story of Regina taking care of Henry. Emma and Snow always seems to forget that Regina did a lot for Henry. If she did not bring Henry to Storybook then who knows how the story would have turned out.

I will keep saying this, I respect Regina. She does what is necessary. I know she might destroy other people in her path but she does it all for her own happiness and sometimes it just needs to be done that way. I love that she was the one to rip out Pan’s heart. I truly think of Regina as Henry's true mother.

Raise your hand if you think the flash in Henry and Pan's eyes will mean something bad. I knew that eye flash will be bad. Pan is now in Storybrook and is ready to cause some trouble.

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