Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Ep. 6 “Ariel”

 Important Moments:

The show starts with Snow in the enchanted forest on the run from the Queen’s men. Snow jumps off a cliff and into water. She is saved by Ariel. Regina is trying to get Emma to use her powers. Emma needs to be trained. Hook tells Charming and Snow that Neal is alive and on the island. They agree not to tell Emma. Ariel lets Snow know about her love of Eric. Ariel is able to change her fin into legs. Snow agrees to help Ariel get her prince. Snow blurts out to Emma that Neal is alive.

Pan and Mr. Gold are talking. Pan antagonizes him and tells him to just leave the island and give up. Regina refuses to go with the group to save Neal. Snow and Ariel show up at the ball. Pan decides to move Neal to the Echo Cave to keep things interesting. Gold talks to his imaginary Belle again. She begs him to just go back and leave his quest. Regina finds Gold and shows him the shadow was Belle this whole time messing with his mind.

Ariel does not want to make Eric choose her over his quest for exploring the world. Ariel talks to the ocean, hoping to talk to Ursula. Ursula arrives being played by Regina as a way to get to Snow. Regina tries to motivate Gold to stand up to get Henry back. Regina does a wonderful job as Ursula. She has the sass that was in the movie. Ursula gives Ariel a bracelet that gives Ariel legs and Snow her fin. Regina has tricked Ariel.

At the Echo Cave you have to tell your darkest secret to save someone inside. Snow tells Ariel to go to Eric and have her happy ending. Regina starts to kill Snow but Ariel stabs Regina and grabs Snow and hops in the water. Ariel ripped off the bracelet and swims them to safety.

The gang finds Neal in his cage. Hook’s secret that he could love someone else beside his first love. Snow’s secret is that she is not okay with missing her daughter’s life and wants to have another baby. Charming tells Snow that he now is stuck on Neverland. Emma has to reveal a secret to get Neal out of the cage. Emma admits that she still loves Neal and admits that she hoped he was dead so she will not have to go through the pain of loving him. The group is splintered after revealing their secrets. Snow tells Ariel to go to Eric and tell him the truth. Ariel sees Eric but has lost her voice due to Regina. Regina returns back to her castle and sees in the mirror the real Ursala who threatens her. Regina summons Ariel to help her since a mermaid can travel across realms. She sends Ariel to Storybrook to retrieve an item that can help them to fight Pan. 

My Thoughts:

I am really happy to enjoy seeing Ariel. She is one of my favorites and I loved the Little Mermaid as a kid. I must admit I do agree with Regina. I understand Emma wants to find Neal but Henry should come first. What I do not understand is how Snow can go to a ball with Ariel while she is supposed to be on the run. I like that Ursula is more of a myth of the sea instead of a known evil sea witch.

Okay how much fun was it that the characters kept using the names of the songs from the Little Mermaid as they talked. I like that they have to reveal secrets to save Neal. Well done! I wonder how Eric is doing in Storybrook. I still want to know who is in the other crate that Pan is keeping. 

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