Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 7 “The Patriot Act” Review

Important Moments:

Rachel digs up Monroe who is alive in his box. Miles, Rachel, and Charlie are talking to Monroe. Rachel lets Charlie know that she saved Monroe for her. Aaron and his girlfriend are walking past a building that blows up. Rachel’s dad Gene is upset with the Patriots. Dr. Horn wants to pick Rachel’s brain and was the one who sent out the wanted signs. Dr. Horn wants to know if the nanonytes can be modified to release the electricity.

Rachel lets Aaron know that Dr. Horn is after him. He is safer with Monroe and he wants Cynthia with him. Gene listens in on the conversation. A man shows up offering a vaccine and Gene is smart to ask the man what he wants in return.

Tom Neville is trying to get his son Jason back on track. He decides to untie him so they can get away from the other cadets. Dr. Horn asks for Dr. Porter to share what he knows that Rachel has said. Dr. Porter has a vision of torture after seeing the symbol on Dr. Horn’s jacket. Dr. Porter volunteers to help the crew to get Aaron out. Neville and crew are venturing out and walk into an ambush. Jason claims he is a Patriot captive and walks in. Jason has killed the other guys.

Flashback: 9 years after blackout. A person is being water tortured as Dr. Porter looks on. He washes the blood off his hands. He dries his hand with a rag with the symbol. Dr. Porter questions the torture. He apparently partakes in it in order to get medication.

Aaron and Cynthia prepare to leave together. Porter runs into Shaw. The man from the past involved in the torture. Horn asks Porter about Aaron. Horn wants to know how Rachel brought Aaron back to life. Dr. Porter is threatened after he has a bout of guilt. Porter rats out Aaron and his ability. Miles spies on Porter and Rachel realizes that her father is on the Patriot side.

Aaron crawls through a sewer to escape and finds himself face to face with a gun at the end. Monroe is able to save them. Other patriots show up and are about to kill Cynthia and Aaron sets them on fire. Neville has tied up the lady to get information about her husband. Cynthia is now afraid of Aaron. He had to see that coming. Rachel breaks down crying and Charlie comforts her. 

My Thoughts:

Dr. Horn is such an evil little man. I think he used to be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anything he plays in he is evil. Smart move on Rachel’s part to save Monroe. It would be sad if he was dead that quick. He has so much more to offer. Monroe’s kid would have to be older than Charlie. I wonder where he is and if we met him in passing at some point in time.

I understand how Dr. Porter got himself into the situation he is in but he should have come clean to his daughter so she would not be blind sided by his betrayal. Miles figured it out. Rachel is such a strong female character and it is sad to see her break down because of the actions of her father. 

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