Monday, November 11, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Ep. 7 “Dark Hollow” Review

Bella informs the crowd that Henry was kidnapped and everyone else followed on Hook’s ship. They learn of the cloaking spell and how others were coming. The dwarves work to find fairy dust to cloak the town. Sadly they do not do it fast enough as two men in a red car make it into town. Mr. Gold instructs Aerial to see Belle about a special weapon. Neal lets them know that Pan’s shadow is how he got off the island. Aerial arrives in Storybrook as the dwarves mention how peaceful it is without the troublemakers being there.

Belle is at the diner and Jiminy talks with her and tries to help her. Aerial finally meets up with Belle and they work to find out what Mr. Gold needs. Hook lets Neal know about the kiss. Great manipulation on his part. Aerial finds a button of Eric’s while searching. The infamous tea cup helps them find a magic box. It is Pandora’s box. The bad guys arrive with guns.  

The girls are all tied up and the men actually know they are working for Pan. Hook, Neal, and Emma find the Dark Hollow where the victims of Pan’s Shadow reside. Belle is able to get them untied by having Aerial turn back into a mermaid. Emma is able to light the candle with her magic in the midst of them fighting off the shadows. Turns out the men are being blackmailed by Pan and their sister has been kidnapped by Pan. They are John and Michael and their sister is Wendy. Henry is led to Wendy who is feigning being sick. She says the power of the island is fading. Pan uses this to manipulate Henry to do his bidding. The gang all meet up and get Tinkerbell on board. 

My Thoughts: It is so awesome to see Belle and Aerial together. My inner little girl is squealing. Two of my favorite princesses are working together. Emma can be very dense at times. Did she really think that having Neal and Hook working together that there would be no problems. Come on! I am surprised that Belle and Aerial wouldn’t have enough sense to make sure no one would sneak up behind them. They are both used to sneaking around, you would figure they would have learn something by now. One of them should have been guarding the door.

Wow this whole time he had Wendy. I wonder why he felt the need to kidnap her. I wonder what Neal will think when realizes that. This is a recipe for disaster.

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