Monday, November 11, 2013

TV Show Weekly Wrap-up (Week of 11/09/2013)

Witches of East End Season 1, Ep. 5 “Electric Avenue

Show starts with Wendy trying to get Ingrid to come out of her room and go to Adam’s funeral. Ingrid says no and is keeping an Adam for herself in her room. Freya gets to meet with the ex-fiance while at work. Which is weird because Killian is there and he does not notice her. Ghost? Joanna is at the trial and the star witness does not remember the attack on her husband. Ingrid is trying to tell Adam that he died. Adam freaks out when he finds out Ingrid has made him a conscious apparition. Freya finds a dress in the East Wing of Dash’s house and it was the dress that Ingrid died in during a past life. Wendy rips it off of Freya and burns it. Joanna’s case is dismissed.

Ingrid finds Adam at his funeral. Killian lets Freya know that Elise is dead so she cannot be talking to her. Elise killed herself after Dash broke off the engagement with her. The spirit of the fiancĂ© piggy backed on Adam’s return. Ingrid does not want to her Wendy’s words of wisdom to let Adam go. Joanna hooks up with the lawyer and then leaves. Elise is back for Killian. Elise wants Killian because she loves him. Elise sets Killian up to be electrocuted to death. They are able to revive Killian. Adam is really sad to go especially once he realizes he cannot comeback. Freya helps Elise crossover while Ingrid helps Adam crossover. This show has truly grown on me. I look forward to seeing how the show continues to progress.

The Originals Season 1, Ep. 6 “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

Elijah and Klaus are acting very professional too each other. Klaus notices that Elijah cares too much for Haley. A fantastic moment between Elijah and Haley. As she pulls out snacks, Elijah puts them all back and gives her granola for breakfast. Sophie is kidnapped. Elijah plans to use Davina as a way to unlink Sophie and Haley. Elijah is so awesome at being strong. Marcel just wants to find a person that he can trust. Elijah visits Davina who is happy to see him. Cammy visits her uncle at the church. She is upset that she no longer has nightmares about her brother. She knows something is wrong because she does not dwell on the pain and feels empty. Elijah challenges Davina to try the spell of unknotting and he will bring her a spell of her choice to try. Sophie is kidnapped by the Elder of witches. Agnes injects Sophie with a cursed weapon and because she is connected to Haley, it will cause Haley to miscarry. Marcel goes to visit Thierry when he realizes he is the only one he ever trusted. He breaks him out of his punishment. Rebekah plans to leave but notices that Haley is burning up and not feeling well. Marcel wants to know more about the night that Thierry killed a vampire. He tells Marcel to watch his back. Klaus asks for help from the minister to find Agnes and lets him know that Agnes is the reason for his nephew’s killing spree. Davina continues to practice the spell.

Sophie comes to help and need specific herbs. Rebekah is awesome because even when she does not care she obviously cares. The priest wants the witch for himself but Klaus shows up first. He tells her to undue the curse but she is unable to do so. Haley is burning up and Sophie is trying to help but Elijah has faith that Davina can undue the curse. It is a little romantic when Elijah holds Haley in the water. Davina is able to uncoil the rope. Haley is no longer linked. Despite everything Elijah will help Sophie. Rebekah lets Elijah know that she is leaving. Rebekah lets Marcel know she is leaving. He pulls her close and kisses her. Hot Vampire scene! Elijah shows up to stop Agnes from being killed by Klaus. Elijah swore Agnes would not die but Klaus’s hands and he kills her instead because she hurt his family. Much respect to Elijah for handling business. Rebekah asks Marcel to come with her. He refuses and she leaves. Poor Rebekah why can she not find love. Marcel is able to figure out where the Originals are staying because Rebekah gave him an apple. Marcel shows up to the house and introduces himself to Haley. Klaus lets Cammy know about Sean being cursed by the witches. Cammy flips out on Klaus for making her forget her pain and killing Agnes. Marcel lets Klaus know that he stopped by the house. Marcel took Haley. Uh oh! I am looking forward to seeing Tyler next week!

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 6 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

Show starts with a taxidermist making Game of Thrones characters out of squirrels and beavers. Creepy!!! A man with a forked tongue like a snake shows up and kills the man by crushing him with his arms. Dean does not want to have Sam out there hunting which makes sense since the Angel Sam is there. The animal parts are missing and they wonder what killed the taxidermist. There was a mark on the door from a local animal rights group. The guys check out the leaders of SNART, the local animal rights group. The leaders where sprayed with mace or so they believed but it turns out they were sprayed by venom. No snake does both constricted and shoot venom. Snake guy goes to visit the local shelter to take cats. He is caught in the act of eating a cat. He then grows claws and slashes the worker. I wonder if he takes on the powers of the animals he consumes. Hey my brother just read a comic book sort of like this story line. It is called Chew. Check it out or read his review here. Chew Graphic Novel

Dean and Sam figure the dog is the witness to two murders. They decide to do a spell to talk to the dog. It is a human/animal mind meld. Dean takes the potion because Sam already has someone in his mind. The spell does not work right away. Dean starts to exhibit dog like behaviors. He plays fetch with Sam and human barks at the mailman. Turns out that Dean can now communicate with all animals. Dean actually starts checking out a female dog. That just goes too far. Dean interviews the dogs at the shelter. The dog blackmails the boys into having Sam give him a belly rub for the information. Dean lets out all the dogs as they leave. Turns out the snake man is from a fancy cafĂ©. Dean finds mice that are afraid that they will be eaten. In the fridge he finds all parts of different animals. The chef is using body parts to take on the characteristic of the animal. He actually is mixing the different parts to make the ultimate recipe. The chef pulls a chameleon routine and then slashes Sam’s neck. Angel Sam comes in and heals him which now makes the chef want to eat Sam. Dean shoots at the chef who is able to dodge it and get him tied up. Dean tells the chef that he has cancer and Dean is able to smell it on him. The chef starting the shaman act to starve off the cancer but it always came back. The chef eats the wolf heart to kill Dean. Dean runs outside and calls his pack of dogs to kill the chef. Dean tries to get Sam to come back from being knocked out. Show ends funny with Dean losing his power just as the dog was about to tell him the real reason why dogs are on earth and it is not to be man’s best friend. Dean asks Sam if he is okay and he stumped as to what the chef meant when he kept asking him what he was. Uh oh!

Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Ep. 9 “John 8:32

Show starts with Jax staring at himself in the mirror. Family life of Gemma with Niro and Jax with Tara.  Jax points out that Tara does not say I love you since she got out of prison. Now that’s deep! The DA meets with the sheriff. She orders a 24 hour watch on Jax. Great interaction among the club and Jax with Wayne. Jax finds himself chasing down a girl who smashes out the window. She gets away by screaming rape. Wayne says she is a troubled youth and may blame them for the death of her mother that occurred the same day as Jax’s father. Clay attends a church service. Sheriff lets Jax know that he will have a tail for awhile. Tara is meeting with her lawyer and signing her paperwork and her lawyer demands to know if there are anymore secrets. Clay ruins the service and bites off the nose of one of the correction officers.  Jax tells Niro to leave the mess with his family alone and not to bring it up again. I agree with Jax, Niro needs to stay out of his business. Browsky meets with Jax and lets him know that they are pulling out because the DA is putting the screws to him. Gemma informs Jax that Niro was trying to give himself up as the gun killer. Niro lets Jax know that the DA is determined. The guys show up to the Putner house asking for answers about the girl. Jax says the wife looks familiar. Now I have questions.

Niro shows up to talk to Tara who promptly reminds him about what happened to Gemma's previous husbands. Okay now he is really pushing the limit. Clay is on lock down Hannibal style. He is released to make a call. The guards come in and start beating the crap out of him. Gemma shows up to threaten Tara’s boss. She is determined to let Jax know the truth. Jax meets with the DA. Jax says he will deliver the IRA to the DA to get her off his back. Jax does make a request on behalf of Tara. Jax asks for a favor from Putner’s boss to help him out. See this is why you have to respect Jax. Jax punches Niro for talking to Tara. Fight! Niro lets Jax know about the conjugal visit with Clay. Gemma lets Jax know she talked to Tara’s boss and that Tara’s pregnancy was a lie and she is filing for divorce. Poor Jax is having a horrible day. Wayne calls Tara’s lawyer to his trailer so Jax can talk to her. As the lawyer confirms all of Jax’s suspicions you can see Jax is broken by Tara’s betrayal. Gemma is forced to admit her part in the death of John Teller. Jax is visited by the girl who destroyed the window. Wow the girl’s eyes are creepy! End sequence: Clay in a straight jacket. Tara rocking her son. Gemma sitting crying while smoking.  Niro sitting by himself. Jax reflecting by himself while smoking. The girl walking by a homeless woman who might actually be her mother. Back to Tara rocking her son while having a gun on her lap. That was deep. 

The Tomorrow People Season 1, Ep. 5 “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

Show starts with Stephen and his partner running after a fugitive. Turns out it was a test simulation in which Stephen fails. Jedikah is requested by his superior to bring in Stephen. Stephen asks Astrid to the dance and apologizes. The tomorrow people have a geneticist that can work on a sample of the serum that takes their powers. They will try to make an anti-serum. John has an altercation with Kurt who snuck out to see his mom. Stephen is tasked with getting a sample of the serum. Stephen and his uncle take a trip to headquarters. Cara wants to take the group top side and have some fun. Cara wins the fight so they get to go to topside. Stephen sadly has to bail on Astrid because Jedikah calls him to meet his superiors. Stephen finds himself in an empty room talking to someone telepathically. The guy tries to get into his mind to see what he is hiding. Looks like he is able to hide it. Stephen visits his people and cannot help but to say how beautiful Cara looks. Everyone is having fun at the party and John finally shows up. Awe! Cara was looking sad until he showed up. Stephen is taken as the group gets a little too wasted.

Astrid follows Stephen. Turns out Ultra has set up a containment field essentially setting them all up. Stephen has to watch on as they are gunned down. Stephen uses his powers to shut off the lights. As they make their get away Cara watches John shoot and kill someone. Uh oh the cat is out the bag. Stephen breaks protocol and takes the girl to the hospital. Cara confronts John about his ability to kill now. Cara is hurt that John did not confide in her. She is hurt that he kept the secret from her not that what his secret was. They find out that Kurt was the one that betrayed them. Cara flips out and now has the serum in her hand and gives it to Kurt. She is one scary chick when she needs to be. Wow! Stephen shows up at home and Astrid is in his room. She sees blood and cannot understand what is going on. Astrid says she is already his situation because it’s him. Stephen reveals his powers to Astrid by teleporting her. She is amazed and not disgusted. I love their friendship. It shows true friendship and that it can be done. 

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Season 1, Ep. 4 “ The Serpent”

Flashback of a boy being abused. A woman walks into the village and causes everyone to run from the marketplace. The boy stares at the woman while his abuser yells at him to turn away. She uses magic to conjure coins for the items she buys. The boy visits the woman asking her to teach him dark magic. The boy says he wants revenge on the sultan because he is his father. He is the bastard child of the sultan. The boy is Jafar. I wonder if we will get to see Aladdin and Jasmine. Jafar questions why the Queen did not tell him about Will, the Knave of Hearts. Jafar tells the Queen to kill him. Knave and Alice are running from collectors. Sirus is able to get his hangs on a wishbone. The Krave draws the guys away from Alice and then realizes that the men were taken down by the Queen.  Flashback to Jafar’s past. He continues to work with the woman. She sets Jafar up to poison someone so he can learn a new spell. Jafar was still good until this moment but decides to let his friend die. Present day Jafar has the book the woman of the past had. Jafar has a spy in the Queen’s guard who lets him know that the Knave has been caught. Alice picks up a lady named Lizard who volunteers to go with her to save the Knave. Jafar wants a public execution.

Flashback of Jafar learning that the book contains information about genies and a spell that can be done with the power of the three genies. It appears as though Jafar has two of the genies. The Queen wants Knave to run off with the Rabbit. He refuses and does not believe she will kill him. I really need to know what went wrong with those two and how she ended up so evil. Jafar gains control of one genie. Public execution of the Knave while Alice looks on. The executioner cuts the ropes off the Knave and he is able to make a getaway. Turns out the executioner is in fact Alice. They are able to getaway. Alice, Lizard, and Knave are caught by the Queen and Jafar. Alice makes a wish that if the Knave of Hearts dies then she dies. Jafar tortures Alice, he lets her go because he realizes that Alice will not give in. Jafar turns the Knave into a statue. The Queen watches on in obvious pain. In the end Alice is reminded that she needs to wish for things to get better but then Sirus will be at the mercy of Jafar. Flashback – Jafar poisons his lady friend and steals her magical essence. He changes her into a snake that he transforms into his staff. Sirus is able to use the wishbone to carve through his cage.

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