Sunday, November 17, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Ep. 8 “Think Lovely Thoughts”

Important Moments: 

Show starts with a man being hustled. The little boy stops his father from being killed. It is Rumplstiskin as the little boy. Rumple’s father drops him off with spinsters and gives him a doll as a present. The boy realizes his father is not coming back and he is given a magic bean by the spinsters. Rumple shows up to see his father back at his post, hustling people out of their money. Rumple shows his father a bean that they can help them leave. His father wants to sell it instead. The father tells him a story of Neverland and how he used to think lovely thoughts as a child and dream of Neverland. They use the bean and go. They land in Neverland. 

Pan announces to the Lost Boys that Henry will save magic. Pan works well with using Wendy being sick to manipulate Henry into helping. The whole group is together Regina and Mr. Gold show up. The group is upset to learn that Mr. Gold’s prophecy means that Mr. Gold wanted to kill Henry. The all draw their weapons. They refuse to believe him and take the box from him. They make Mr. Gold agree to make an antidote for Charming.

Regina knocks out the Lost Boys and they cannot find Henry among them. They find Wendy instead. Wendy at first lies saying she knows nothing. Turns out Pan is dying and needs the heart of the truest believer so he can be immortal but then Henry will die.

Flashback Cont. Rumple and his father are walking around Neverland looking for Pixie dust. The dust is located at the top of a tree. Rumple does not want to climb the tree so his father does it instead. The shadow shows up and tells him he does not belong. Rumple calls for his father but can no longer see him in the tree. Rumple's father shows up again. He says he is too weak and says there is a way to get him to stay and become a boy again. He has to let go of Rumple and lets the shadow take Rumple. His father becomes young again and turns out it is Peter Pan! The spinster ladies take Rumple in. Peter Pan is the name he gave the doll that his father gave him. Neverland is the place where you visit as a child in a dream not to stay. He is told that the hour glass will run out and with it he will die. 

The gang lands at skull mountain. The only one able to get through the protections spell is Mr. Gold because he does not have a shadow. Regina and Emma work magic to block out the moon and stopping them from having a shadow. Pan and Henry walk into the room and find an hour glass that is running out of time. Pan asks Mr. Gold to stay with him. He refuses because he cannot let go of his father abandoning him. Turns out Pan has the real Pandora's box. Pan traps Mr. Gold into the box. 

Henry learns that he has to give his heart. Pan lies to Henry and tells him that he has to stay on the island after giving his heart. Henry finds it hard to decide between Pan and his family. He is stubborn and gives his heart to Pan instead. Pan is now flying away as Henry lays passed out. 

My Thoughts:

I understand that Mr. Gold is evil but he loves his son deep and he would do anything for him. Frankly I am upset that they do not give him a chance to explain before drawing their weapons.

The flashback is good. We finally see the mess that was Mr. Gold’s father. It is a shame to see that Mr. Gold had such a bad role model. He is truly driven by fear. Fear of losing his father, fear of losing his son, fear of losing Belle, and fear of losing himself. He is so driven that he does not realize that his actions lead him to lose what he wants to hold onto the most.  

Wow great revelation! Peter Pan is Rumple's father! How crazy is that! Ugh! I just want to hit Henry for not listening to his family. He could have listened and then made the proper decision. They also should have been more honest by immediately saying that Wendy was lying. They also should have nipped it in the bud when Henry became so obsessed with becoming a hero. His need to be part of the dynasty of heroes led to this whole mess. 

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