Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 8 “Come Blow Your Horn” Review

Important Moments: 

Show stars with Miles “interrogating” a patriot looking for Horne. Charlie is sneaking around town listening to the patriots out Miles and blaming him for the bombings. He also blames Aaron Pitman. Charlie learns of her grandfather’s betrayal. Aaron and Monroe wait for Miles for the meet up. Rachel says they cannot leave town yet unless they kill Horn. She gets a little scary when she says they need to just wait and see if they call them terrorists.

Neville shows up demanding to see the high ranking official. Starts to do his psych mind manipulating about his wife being a trader. Dr. Porter is being threatened about where Pitman is. Horn is slightly crazed about getting his hands on Pitman. Miles, Rachel, and Charlie find the HQ but are sad to find out that Porter is at HQ. Cynthia asks about her husband dying in the fire. Cynthia is disgusted by Aaron and is done with liars in her life.

Rachel cooks up an awesome gas that will kill everyone. Charlie asks the important question if her grandfather is there will she still kill everyone. Monroe and Pitman are ambushed at the boat yard and are captured. Monroe makes a run for it. Horn is seen injecting himself with some type of medicine. Flashback of Horn watching his mother die because due to their religion they cannot seek help from doctors. Rachel sneaks to headquarters. She sees her father walk in and still goes on with her mission. Miles and Charlie realize that Aaron has been captured and will be take into HQ. Miles is able to stop Rachel in time. Flashback of Horn being smacked around by his father after the death of his mother.

Horn says that Porter can go now that he delivered Aaron. Horn starts to torture Aaron. Jason realizes that he still is programmed. Charlie, Miles, and Rachel kidnap Dr. Porter. He explains how he got into the mess with the Patriots. She is hurt that he betrayed her. Porter volunteers to be the distraction. They find themselves surrounded by Patriots but Porter is able to provide a distraction for them to get away. Horn finds that Aaron's cells can repair themselves. Horn has a tumor growing on his brain and wants to use Aaron to get better. Commander and wife meet up and after some heartfelt words the commander shoots his wife in the chest.

Miles, Rachel, and Charlie try to figure out how to get Aaron and Porter out. Horn sets Cynthia up to be hurt forcing Aaron to heal her. Show ends with Cynthia being stabbed and Aaron yelling out. 

My Thoughts:

I still hold the belief that Rachel is beyond crazy. Her sense of right and wrong is a bit skewed and she does not give a damn about who gets hurt in her quest for right and wrong. She truly was ready to kill everyone including her father at the beginning of the show then at the end she wants to save her father. She swings in so many extreme situations I wonder if she gets dizzy. 

I enjoy how well of an oiled machine the group are. They are able to get around town and take down the town if they decide to do so. Charlie has become such a fantastic young woman and soldier that I would love to see her take down the heavy hitters. It appears that next week's episode will reveal the truth behind the lightening bugs and I look forward to it. 


  1. I finally caught up to you :) Nice recap. I agree with you on Rachel. From the moment she mad the conscious decision to sacrifice the rest of the world to save her son, her soul was not her own anymore. How dare she condemn anyone else for betrayal!? She's completely whacked and cannot be trusted to make a moral decision.
    Ah Charlie, she's a gem. She only wants those she loves to be OK and has been forced to go to extreme measures to assure this happens.
    Finding out about the lightning bugs in ep 9? I'm not counting on it. I'm almost not even sure I need to know.
    What has me on the edge of my seat is Aaron. The evolution of this character is nothing short of pure literary art. He has gone from complete whimp to fighting to the death to protect his love. Now he has the power of the nannites and he STILL doesn't realize he is practically a God, immortal, more powerful than even Monroe or Miles. But I think it's coming. Horn is now torturing him and (possibly) killed his love right before his eyes. Everyone has a breaking point and I think we're about to see Aaron's. The question is, what will he become? Years of heartbreak, beatings, torture and betrayal have brought him to where he is. It's hard to image him not turning evil.

    1. Fantastic insight into Aaron. I hope the loveable Aaron is not destroyed by his power. I enjoy his character. I just want to know why him. Out of everyone, why him? Why is he special? Maybe because he is the one that basically came up with the program and was the last one in the program causing the nannytes to attach to him.
      I personally need to know the reason behind the lightning bugs. I like theories and seeing if any of my ideas were correct, if they leave it unsaid I will be sad. :-(