Monday, November 4, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Ep. 6 “The Sin Eater”

 Important Moments:

Show starts with Crane and Abbie bonding at a baseball game. Crane goes to visit the grave of his wife and gets hit by a dart and is nabbed. Abbie is driving and goes into a trance. She wakes up in a very spooky house and sees an old crib and stroller. She looks in the stroller and sees a weird voodoo doll and the horseman shows up to chase her through the house. She ends up in a room with four women chanting. She meets with Katrina. Katrina lets her know the horseman will come back and that Crane has been kidnapped. She must find a sin eater and Crane needs to be sanctified before sundown. Abbie lets her boss know about Katrina’s request. He promptly wants to hold on his skepticism. Abbie works with her sister to find Crane. Crane identifies his kidnapper. He is kidnapped by Free Masons. They worry that he is not the real Crane. He asks Crane a question to prove that he is the real Crane. 

Flashback. Crane has to coax a confession out of Arthur Bernard. He meets Katrina who is a Quaker. The man Crane must torture tells him that there are demons in the world. Crane questions the public hangings but is quickly censured. He sees the man that is his captain have his face change to a skeleton. Heart to heart talk with Katrina. He lets her know about seeing a demon. He posses the gift to bear witness. Crane is given the directive to take the captive into the woods and kill him. Crane does not kill him and tells him to find Katrina. The captain kills him instead and Crane watches him turn into a demon.

Sin eater reaches inside your soul and eats all of your sins. Jenny knows who they need they just need to find him.  Abbie is able to figure out who he is. The sin eater, Ian, says he does not do it anymore. The sin eater tells her where to find Crane. You can see that he is in pain when he works his mojo which is why he quit. The Masons want to kill Crane as a sacrifice to make sure they kill the Horseman.

Crane lets Abbie know that he needs to finish things and kill himself to end the horseman. Abbie refuses to accept that Crane has to die. Crane drinks the poison. Ian, Sin Eater, shows up to stop the poison and help Crane. Ian is able to channel Bernard who tells Crane to let go of the guilt of not being able to save him. The blood literally separates. Crane is saved. The Horseman visits the mock grave of Crane. The battle is on! 

My Thoughts:

Uh oh, old chick meets with the new chick. Interesting interaction of Katrina with Abbie. I still believe in the end Crane will pick Abbie over Katrina. I think it is funny that the captain tries not to believe Abbie but supports her. I think he is part of the good coven but I am prepared for him to be part of the bad coven. Either way he is in the know but not willing to admit it.  

I like that we get to see how Crane first met Katrina and how he questions the unnecessary death. Again everyone has such great theories. I like that Crane and Abby are smart but it is annoying that they figure things out or know everything. It gets to the point that it is not believable.

The captain is a descendant of Bernard from the past. He is probably part of the Free Masons. That’s my theory. Another way out there theory I have is that Abbie is a descendant of Crane. Since she and her sister have the same power to bear witness maybe they are related. In the trance Abbie hears a baby but does not find one. Katrina states that the house was the one she lived in with Crane so maybe there was a child that he did not know about they brought up Abbie as a descendant. 

Thoughts on my theories?

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