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TV Show Wrap-up Week of 11/02/2013

Witches of East End Episode 1.4 10/27/2013

Flashback of Joanna watching her children burn and slicing off the ear of the man that set up their deaths. Joanna is teaching them not to use magic to kill. Freya asks Dash questions about his former fiancĂ©. I think it is smart on her part because you know there is a major story behind that. Dash’s mother is taking small jabs at Freya. It is funny to see. Joanna visits the scene of the murder to figure out what the shifter will do next. When the wife of the man that Joanna is accused of killing starts yelling at Joanna, Wendy puts a curse on her to stop talking. Dash then later on treats the woman and pulls out something from her throat that is moving and alive. He does not seem surprised and hides it. I really think they are warlocks or something.

Joanna tries to prevent the shifter from killing a character witness from being killed by spending as much time as possible with the witness. Ingrid breaks up with her hot boyfriend because she is scared that he will be killed because of her spell backfiring. Freya attempts to do a spell to bring the brothers together which is just beyond foolish. The Shifter is actually the man from the flashback but it turns out that there is someone else out there that is after her, another shifter. Ingrid’s friend Barb, loses the baby, and is in the hospital and Ingrid is blaming herself. Turns out that Adam starts to have a nose bleed and passes out in her arms. Great twist, I really thought it was going to be the friend and then they take Adam instead.

The Originals Season 1, Ep. 5 “Sinners and Saints” 10/29/2013

The show starts with Elijah waking up and speaking with Davina. Davina offers him a drop of blood and he is instantly restored. Can her blood truly have that level of power. Sophie lets Klaus know about a vision that one of the women had that the baby will mean the death to all witches.

Flashback – Sophie 8 months ago was partying. The Elders called for a harvest which can occur every 3 generations. Sophie was against it and Davina was one of those at the harvest. Apparently after the Harvest becomes the reaping and if it is not completed the witches lose their powers. The only way for the Harvest to be completed is for Davina to die. I knew it! I knew as soon as they said the harvest that it will end bad! Marcel and Sophie are together hooking up. Sophie talks to the priest about the harvest. You also see the young priest that is the reason for the massacre and the witches put a hex on the nephew of the priest. We learned how Cammy’s brother ended up killing. The girls were slaughtered at the ceremony until it became Davina’s turn. The priest told Marcel  and he went to stop the harvest. Marcel takes Davina to the church attic and she says she wants revenge. Sophie made a promise to her sister to get her niece back. The girls can actually be brought back, which is good.

Marcel says he will move Davina and she covers for Elijah being awake. I am enjoying their interaction. Rebekah sees that Sophie and Haley will go to the bayou so she goes as a chaperone. Turns out the real reason why Davina is so strong is because of the Harvest ritual. She absorbed the powers of each girl killed before her. Davina just wants to be normal so she will let the harvest fail. Marcel hints at there being unfinished business and secrets between him and Rebekah. Elijah lets Davina know that it is unsafe for her to have all the powers and that his mother is a powerful witch and the grimrores she made can help Davina. Davina acts like something is wrong and tells Marcel to take her back to the attic as he tried to take her out of the church. The priest lets Marcel know that he calls the shots of the humans and Marcel needs to stay away from his niece, Cammy. I love the plot. Marcel and Klaus fight but Elijah steps in. Rebekah reminds Haley that she has family with her. Elijah walks in and Rebekah is very happy to see him. He talks with Haley who smacks him and welcomes him back home.

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 4 “Slumber Party” 10/29/2013

Show starts with a flashback of the Supernatural Bomb Shelter. The two men are bored guarding the shelter. Dorothy drags in a body in a bag and says she needs help killing the wicked witch. (Yes, that Dorothy) Dean is still spinning the lie that Cass decided to leave and not that he asked him to leave. Sam and Dean investigate an old computer and Dean knocks over a jar filled with gray liquid. Flashback: Dorothy cannot figure out how to kill someone from Oz.

Charlie comes to visit to work on the computer and makes a mistake when she says she wishes hunting was more magical. She updated the computer by adding a tablet. Flashback: The witch says there is something in the bunker that is hers. There is now a cocoon from the grey stuff and Dorothy comes out of it. Flashback: Dorothy is making a spell for the witch that trapped them both in the bottle. The witch finds Crowley. Wow the writer of the books of Oz was her Dorothy’s father, A Man of Letters. The Wicked Witch is looking for the key to Oz. Dean has the key in his room. Dean and Charlie are ambushed by the witch and Charlie takes a hit from the witch. Dean immediately calls for Angel Sam who says he cannot bring Charlie back because it keeps depleting his strength. If he does he will have to stay in Sam longer. Dean choose for Angel Sam to help by saving Charlie.

Dean keeps telling his lies. Dorothy tells Charlie that she died. Charlie freaks out especially when she learned that Dorothy died. The witch infects the boys and tells them to kill the girls. The witch plans on bringing Oz to the real world. Charlie uses the ruby slippers which are really just red heels to kill the wicked witch. Dean tells Charlie to keep quiet about being brought back to life.  Dorothy offers to take Charlie to Oz to continue her quest. They use the key and walk off into Oz and you can see the Emerald City in the background.

Sons of Anarchy  Season 6, Ep. 8 “Los Fantasms” 10/29/2013

The starts with Jax taking care of Tara who is laying bed. Gemma lets the sheriff know what really happened and it appears as though he believes her. Jax shows up to the club and is shown a newspaper claiming local gangs are the reason behind the shooting. We see Wendy buy some drugs. Poor thing, because of Tara’s plan and the stress that it produced, it did not help Wendy and her addiction. Unser shows up to talk to Tara. Wayne puts Tara in her place about what she did and how disappointed he is in her. He quits helping her. I completely agree with him, she took it too far. The car is watching as the team meets with Niro’s crew. The car then goes and runs over one of Niro’s crew on purpose. Wow that was disgusting and bloody. It is horrible. 

Wayne puts Gemma in her place for how she treats Tara and those boys. The DA puts the screws to Brosky and gets him to do what she wants. The DA is a smooth lady. Niro calls in the DA and confesses to the crime of the gun. Bobby lets Tara know to not give up because Jax does not have a chance without her. I think she may give in and stop her plans. Turns out the guy that mowed down the gang member was a father to one of the boys shot at the school. The cops come in and the father stabbs himself in the neck. Gemma threatens Wendy and tells her to start to be on her team. Gemma speaks to Jax and he lets her know that Grandma is dead. The DA comes into Niro’s room mad. She throws the crime scene pics of the killed kids and lets Niro go. She is determined to get the right people. Jax begs Tara to tell him how to get things back on track. Poor Wendy uses the drug and is flying high as the show ends. 

The Tomorrow People Season 1, Ep. 4 “Kill or Be Killed” 10/30/2013

Flashback: Show starts with a kid joy riding and having to steal food for a foster home. Jedikah shows up for John Young as his foster parent is beating on him. Jedikah bribs the foster parent to let him take John. Young and McCrane are training together at Ultra.  Young’s foster parent beats the crap out of him after seeing his powers. Jedikah is there and shoots and kills him.

Stephen’s mom asks questions and presents him with an employee card with Jedikah’s company. Stephen tells his mom that it is nothing dangerous is occurring while working there. Jedikah refuses dinner and lets him know about one of his kind that is on a killing spree. As Jedikah turns the key in the car it begins to blow up and Stephen is able to save him. I think he now owes Stephen one and needs to take his butt to dinner. Stephen pushes Jedikah into letting him go after McCrane. McCrane 1, Stephen 0. McCrane kicks his butt but his partner is able to grab him and get him out of there. McCrane is after Young.

Young and Stephen run in to McCrane at the warehouse. McCrane asks Young to join him. McCrane has wired the building with explosives. Stephen’s mother threatens Jedikah and does not trust him. I love the Momma bear moves. Jedikah wants Stephen to set up a meeting with Young to help work with McCrane. It is interesting the McCrane has the ability to kill. McCrane vs Young – Fight! Jedikah gave McCrane the ability to kill and Young left Ultra because Jedikah did the same thing to him. Wow! Jedikah has been experimenting on their kind. I really wonder what happened to make Stephen’s dad leave and what role Jedikah and his company played in that departure. Young is able to shoot and kill McCrane. Young has kept that a secret. Young spins a story. I think Stephen’s mom is well aware of the super human powers. Young visits Jedikah and asks what happened to his ten minute lead and how killing destroys a part of your soul and he throws down the gauntlet with Jedikah. I really want to know who Young killed in the past.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 5 “Monster’s Ball” 10/31/2013

I know you are wondering why this show is in my tv wrap-up. Well, since the show fell on Halloween the network changed the showtime of the show therefore I was not able to do my review as schedule but I still wanted to share a quick recap and review with you.

The show starts with Damon sharing his idea on how to bring Bonnie back to life by using Silas’s death. Jeremy speaks on behalf of Bonnie and agrees to Damon’s plan even though Bonnie is completely against it. It was nice to see Jeremy express his feelings about how he wants Bonnie there so he can touch her. Tyler is back! Caroline is enjoying spending time with her boyfriend. She is also has him all signed up for classes and a dorm room. You can tell that he is not feeling this idea. Catherine is held captive by Nadia the vampire gypsy. Nadia tells Catherine that she killed her mother and that is why she is keeping her for her own reasons. Catherine hears the story and confronts Nadia about the story being a lie. Turns out Nadia is Catherine’s daughter. Apparently after Catherine was turned and was able to dodge the people after her she came back to her town to find Nadia but she was gone. It is a beautiful mother and daughter reunion.

Silas and Damon make a deal to work together. Damon goes to the party with Elena which is a costume ball. Damon is in charge with keeping Stefan’s neck broken. During the time that Stefan is out, Silas has his full powers. He sweet talks Tessa and basically tries to find the magical anchor that keeps the paranormal otherside in existence. The gypsies stole the anchor and are constantly moving it so Tessa has to use a magical amulet to find it. It seems that as Silas interacts with Tessa he really is focused on finding out if she still loves him. Tyler breaks up with Caroline. He says he cannot be with her by permission of Klaus. It appears as though this is the final goodbye. 

Elena meets a friend of her deceased roommate who apparently has the good Dr. Maxfield as a guardian. Aaron says that everyone around him always dies. He has an interesting story behind him that I look forward to learning about. Dr. Maxfield tells Elena that he could not possibly put that her roommate died by vampire attack and that she needs to leave school before people start asking questions. Conspiracy!!! I really think this all has something to do with Elena’s father. Dr. Maxfield continues to experiment on Jessie the vampire. I wonder what his end game is. Maybe he is trying to find another cure. Tessa figures out it is Silas and stops the flow of the blood in his body and he becomes like a stone and looks a lot like a daggered Original. Damon calls Catherine over to the house with big news. She comes in and sees Silas as stone is happy until she realizes that Damon is going to feed her to Silas. Silas begins to feed deep. I actually feel bad for Catherine because she begs Damon to not do it to her and has tears in her eyes. She should have yelled out that she found her daughter and cannot die now. Silas’s color comes back and seems to have healed with the cure that is in Catherine’s blood. Catherine’s body is laying there and Damon and Elena are able to hear her heart beat. I actually did a little dance when I realized that Catherine was still alive. It would have been too sad to see Catherine die after finding her daughter. I look forward to seeing what happens next.  

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