Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Ep. 7 “The Midnight Ride” Review

Important Moments: 

Flashback to Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. I guess we know where the title came from. He is being chased by the horseman who has a head. Abbie is talking to Crane about how best they can prepare for nighttime. Morales catches up to Abbie and lets her know he cares. Morales finds himself in a dark alley with Brooks. Brooks lets Morales know to stay away from Abbie. Crane shows up to the house of the Free Masons. The Horseman is there and has killed the Masons. 

The Captain is at the house asking why the Masons had their heads chopped off. Crane finds the book that the Masons believed had information but the book has the pages torn out. Crane swears vengeance on the Horseman. The Horseman is looking for his skull. Crane and Abbie want to destroy the skull. The Horseman shows up at the lab to collect his skull. The captain is able to get out with the skull.

The Captain is shaken now that he has had his run in with the Horseman. Crane and Abbie do all sorts of experiments on the skull but cannot find a way to destroy it. They find the skulls of the Masons that have been light up like lanterns. Flashback of a manuscript that was given to Revere. Turns out death was chasing Revere down to get the manuscript. Abbie and Crane now have something to look for. Crane is determined to end the feud with the Horseman. Abbie is going to cancel her coffee with Morales. The whole time Morales is being a little crazed over his conversation with Brooks.

Abbie meets with Andy in the tunnels. Crane finds the password to the manuscript on the back of the teeth of the skull. Slightly confused as to why Crane would even know to check there but I am not surprised. Andy lets Abbie know that he cares about her and that the way to defeat Death is to trap him. They need to create sunlight when Death is present. The Captain, Abbie, and Crane work to set up the tunnels to trap Death.

Crane faces off with death and makes a run for it to the tunnels. The Horseman keeps finding the fake skulls. They get him into a trap using UV lights as artificial sunlight.

 My Thoughts: 

I do enjoy when the title of a tv show is simple and explained at some point during the show. I actually giggled a little with how much they tried to destroy the skull with acid and a hammer. How can you destroy death? It is inevitable for everyone. We all die so you cannot kill him. 

A great moment in the history museum. Crane can be funny with a dry humor that you have to appreciate. It is always enjoyable when he gets upset about history being wrong. Also when he stumbled upon a porn site and effectively became upset I had to giggle.

Okay now they have the Horseman tied up. How can he talk if he does not have a head? I look forward to this interrogation. 

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