Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Ep. 7 “The Hub” Review

Important Moments: 

Show starts with Coulson being dragged into a room with a bag over his head. He is to be tortured but he gets free by May and Ward. They are in some snow covered region. Simmons is grabbing something out of a Agent Shaw’s nasal regions. Ewww!! It is a chip with intel. The mission is clearance level 8 and therefore the rest of the team cannot know about it. They go to visit The Hub. Skye is upset that she does not get to see what is going on.

Huge weapon called Overkill can trigger any weapon by sending out pulses. Ward and Fitz have to go and disable the weapon. Simmons shows her concern about Fitz going on. Ward walks into a bar and finds that his contact has been killed and finds himself at gunpoint. Skye is done with being in the dark and is determined to get answers. Skye is able to manipulate Simmons into finding out what is going on during the mission. Fitz is able to get them out of their predicament by fixing the electricity which he originally took out.

Simmons is going to help Skye hack the system. Reminds me of Ocean’s 11 when the guy has to hack into the security system. Simmons knocks a guy out that questions her. Skye has to choose to look at the mission over searching for her parents and finds that Fitz and Ward were sent on a suicide mission. Coulson flips out on Skye for hacking the system and wonders if she can be trusted with a secret.

Fitz and Ward get inside the warehouse and now Fitz has to hack the weapon and disable it. Coulson tells Agent Hand that his men should have been told that there was no extraction. Fitz refuses to bail on Ward once he learns it is a suicide mission. Fitz disables the weapon and modifies it to make it mobile and able to use it on the enemies' weapon. Coulson and team extract the guys out of the danger zone. Coulson dug into Skye's parents' file and says that not much is known just that a woman dropped her off at a orphanage. Couslon holds back the information as to why. Coulson asks May to help him find out what really happened. May reveals a picture of a body that probably is Skye's mother. Coulson calls for his file from Tahiti and finds out that he does not have access to his own file. At least he is finally asking the right questions.

My Thoughts:

I like that Fitz is becoming a more stronger character. It looks like Simmons might finally be appreciating who he is as a person. Brilliant move by Fitz, by taking out the electricity he gained the trust of his captors by then fixing it. It seems like he is the true leader of the two man mission.

The concept of “Trust the System” is crap. I am not trusting a system that sets me up to be killed and refuses so blatantly to keep me uninformed.

When Coulson was talking to the lady at The Hub he appeared a little disturbed. Especially after saying Tahiti is a magical place on Earth. It is like he was trained to say it and may have not ever been in Tahiti in my opinion. I am still going with the idea that he was a clone and that Tahiti was a cover story. 

So Skye's mother was killed......interesting. When the final details of Skye's parents come out she will probably be faced with a hard decision. 

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