Monday, November 25, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, Ep. 9 “Sanctuary” Review

Show starts with a rich girl in a town car. She has inherited a house in Sleepy Hollow. The bodyguard tries to be smart and warns her not to go into the house. She ends up being surrounded by branches and pulled into a closet. Crane starts his fussing about Thanksgiving and how we have it all wrong. 

The case of the missing heiress is bounced to Abbie and Crane. They arrive to Frederick’s manor and find the abandoned car. Flashback of Crane and Katrina visiting the manor in the past. The house was a sanctuary for all. Crane and Abbie walk into the manor and find the bodyguard dead. The house starts to close all exits and they become trapped. Abbie is freaking out about being in a haunted house. They find Katriina’s favorite book with a letter from Crane to Katrina. 

Crane says that the sancturary may have been changed to a demonic prison. They continue to search the house. They find the missing woman in the closet but at the same time there is tree coming to life and is making its way towards the house. Jenny shows up to see the captain in order to return guns. Jenny invited the captain for Thanksgiving dinner. They believe that Frederick was a warlock and that something bad happened to Katrina in that house when she went to seek sanctuary. The tree creature has broken into the house. Crane and Abbie get split up and Abbie sees a ghost of a woman that used to help with the manor. Jenny is confronted by the captain’s daughter Macy who is in a wheelchair. They seem to get along and bond quickly. The captain’s ex threatens to file for full custody if he does not step up. Abbie is in a flashback and sees Katrina is giving birth. She gives birth to a baby boy. 

The creature took Gilbert. Abbie tells Crane that she saw Katrina giving birth. Crane is heartbroken to find that he did not know that Katrina was pregnant. Flashback - something was sent after the baby. The creature killed Frederick. Abbie does not know what happened to the child. They find Gilbert in the basement being held by the creature. Crane finds the roots and Abbie begins to shoot the roots. Flashback of seeing Katrina fleeing with the baby through a secret passage. Crane grabs an axe and goes back after the creature that threatened his son. Crane hacks up the tree creature and becomes covered in its blood. Crane is by himself and does not want to be in the company of others. Ms. Gilbert sends information about the Frederick's and Grace Dixon (helped Katrina give birth) is an ancestor of Abbie. They have always been connected.

My Thoughts:
Poor Crane feels lonely. Yet again Crane and Abbie are wearing their hair the same way, half up, half down, with bangs in the front. Oh no a tree that is alive just like The Lord of the Rings. I have a feeling that this tree is not out to help anyone. I enjoy the conversation between Jenny and the Captain. It seems like there is sexual tension there even if Jenny wants to deny it. I now wonder what happened to the captain’s daughter and how it was probably his fault.

I knew that Crane had a child. I threw out the idea that Abbie is somehow related way back when and I wonder how this child now plays into the whole story line. I wonder at what point in time are we going to learn about what happen to the child and how the child plays a role in the story line. 

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