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TV Show Weekly Wrap-up (11/23/2013)

Witches of East End Season 1, Ep. 7 “Unburied”

Show starts with Ingrid killing Wendy in some type of vision. Freya is doing inventory at the bar and ends up kissing Killian but it was a dream. She wakes Dash up by talking in her sleep. Ingrid is still avoiding Wendy. Freya always talked in her sleep and even said I love you for the first time to Dash while asleep. Freya works to find a spell so she does not talk in her sleep. Ingrid has a spat with a rude customer at the library. Freya has a déjà vu moment in storage with Killian. She drinks a potion to help with her dream problem. Ingrid is able to figure out that she always dies young. The shapeshifter raises the body of a deceased Ingrid. The shapeshifter is Athena/Mrs. Gardner. She brought back to life the Ingrid she loved. She wants her to kill Wendy and get back a serpent key. Wendy finds Leo and wants to try for another chance. I do not understand how he accepts her apology considering she lied and stole his butterfly. The library benefit is in full swing. Dash asks Freya if she wants to go with him to Paris and he says yes. Ingrid’s rude guy saves her from a jerk. Dash hears Freya talk to Killian about the kiss. Uh oh. 

Bad Ingrid shows up with a story and gets Wendy alone and throws her down the stairs. Bad Ingrid has Wendy in a circle and she cannot move. She begins to torture her. Ingrid sees the rude customer, Mike again. Dash walks into the bar and punches Killian and walks back out. I have to respect him for that. Leo lets Joanna know that Wendy is missing. Joanna does a tracking spell on Wendy. Dash is too upset to listen to Freya. Bad Ingrid is about to rip Wendy’s heart out until Joanna shows up to stop her. Joanna has to kill the zombie Ingrid and get her sister. Joanna does not tell Ingrid exactly who it was that killed with Wendy. Freya comes in seeking comfort from her family. Wendy tells Ingrid that the old Ingrid killed her. They do bond and you can tell that their relationship is healed. Freya has the same dream again and this time she is able to get Killian out of her dreams. Joanna decides to draw the tarot cards for Freya. According to the cards Freya will love them both but one man is her soul mate and the other a destroyer. She needs to make a choice. They know that the shifter wants the key to open the portal. Wendy’s necklace is red. It means she is on her last life. Wow! Joanna is digging in the yard and pulls out a box that has the serpent key. It was not destroyed as she said to Wendy. Uh oh! 

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 7 “Bad Boys”

Show starts with kids running in a small town in NY. They are playing hide and seek. An adult comes in looking for the kids and then there is a cold spot and the man ends up being killed by farming equipment. Dean gets a call from a friend named Sonny. Apparently Dean was at a boys home as a kid due to stealing. They never told Sam. The farm is the same place where the kill just happened. Flashback of a 16 year old Dean. Dean bonds with Sonny during the first meeting. You can tell the respect is there. Sonny tells him the typical ghost like things are happening. Sam finds the bed that used to belong to Dean. The House Mom tells Sam that she believes there is a ghost haunting the farm. She tells a story of a wife that used to live there that was killed by her husband. She believes it is the ghost of the husband. Dean meets a kid in the shed named Timmy. Dean shakes Timmy’s hand. The House Mom is taking a bath and ends up being suffocated. That is just wrong. How dare you suffocate someone in the tub and not drown them? Flashback of Sonny and Dean eating at a diner. Sonny says he is proud of Dean and asks him about the satanic symbols carved into his bed. Dean runs into a chick he used to know from those days at the diner but she does not remember him. Some kids are bullying Timmy when Dean stops it and gives Timmy advice about standing up to bullies. The boys find the missing rosary beads in the lawn mower and the kid’s hand gets cut. This occurs while Timmy watches.

Dean thinks there is a ghost possession going on with Timmy. Timmy was found abandoned when he was younger. Dean checks out the attic of the barn and finds a picture of a car crash where the parent dies and the boy is still alive. Flashback of Dean playing the guitar with the girl from the diner. Dean had his first kiss with Robin. Dean asked Robin to the dance but ends up leaving. Robin does remember him. Timmy shows up and things start being thrown around. Sam shows up and asks Timmy to tell him about the fire. Timmy recounts the story of his mother dying in a car crash. Timmy tells them that his mom showed up but she changed. They think Timmy is the anchor for the ghost. Robin runs off scared like an idiot. I personally want to smack her. They talk to Timmy about letting his mom go. Timmy helps his mom move on. Awe Robin tells Dean thank you. It was interesting to see that Dean had a whole normal life. He said he didn’t want to go into the family business but sadly his dad dragged him back in. Sam questions Dean about the time here and it being the best part of his life. He claims that it was not. Flashback of Dean getting ready for the dance. Dean’s dad turns up claiming he has a job. Dean starts tearing up and Sonny is willing to advocate for him. When Dean looks out the window he seems Sam and ends up leaving. So his whole life truly was for Sam. Dean has always put Sam first. I wonder when he will break. 

The Tomorrow People Season 1, Ep. 7 “Limbo”

Show starts with a woman being stalked by a man. He has super human powers. Stephen wakes up and Cara basically is acting like them hooking up was all a mistake. Cara and John decided to track down the rapist. Stephen is feeling guilty about Darcy’s death. Stephen is hanging out with Astrid. He needs this friendship in his life. He shows off and ends up on the basketball team. Astrid and Cara meet and it was pretty awkward. Cara tells Stephen that it was a mistake. Stephen invites the basketball team over for a team meeting that becomes a party. Cara tells John that she slept with Stephen. Wow. She just laid it all out there. John is upset, which he should be. Stephen read Astrid’s mind by mistake and hears that she is in love with him. My heart breaks for her. The crew is able to stop the rapist from attacking again. Jedikah slaps a cuff on Stephen’s wrist essentially taking his powers away from him. Cara is being totally a jerk to Stephen. He does not realize that John knows just yet.

John agrees to help him with the basketball game but really just takes out his anger at him by making him look real bad. They begin to fight. Cara shows up to break them apart. Stephen figured out that the rapist is taking the women into the sewers. He decides to go investigate on his own like an idiot especially since he doesn't have his powers. Cara and John shop up just as Stephen is about to drown. Cara beats up on the guy. Stephen sees his dad while he is drowning. He tells him the word Thanatos right as John pulls him out of the water. Stephen gets his bracelet off. Astrid and Stephen talk. Astrid lets Stephen know that Cara is lying and that she does care about him. Stephen lets Cara and John know that he believes his dad is alive and that they need to work to find him. 

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1, Ep. 7 “Who’s Alice?”

Jafar shows up and is looking for the asylum that Alice was in. He acts as a doctor and says he would like to talk about a former patient. He asks the doctor about Alice. The doctor keeps claiming that he did not have a patient by that name. The Red Queen shows up asking about Jafar and Cyrus. The other man tells her that Jafar has left and Cyrus is gone. Cyrus and Alice are making their way to each other. Flashback of Alice coming out of a hole and crying about Cyrus. She ends up back in England and finds her father. She finds she now has a half-sister and a step-mother. Current day, Alice has to venture into the black forest. Will is wandering around and finds out that Alice has gone into the black forest. Alice makes it out of the black forest and ends up in a different land that is beautiful, where a flower is giving off fragrances. It is just as dangerous as the black forest because Alice starts to forget her mission and the land causes people to just want to stay. 

Flashback – Alice’s father lets her know that if she wants to stay then there needs to be no mention of Wonderland. The Red Queen plans to go after Cyrus. Will finds Alice and she is acting different. Flashback of Alice finding it hard to fit in and deal with being set up with a young suitor. Her younger sister hears her screaming in her dreams. Present day – Alice has forgotten herself. The trees in the forest are actually people that have been there so long they have changed into trees. Will has to fight Alice but she starts to become a tree. The only way to leave is wanting to leave and Alice says no she finally found a home. I guess this has to do with her drama when she was at her real home. Flashback – Alice’s father brings the boy over to have breakfast. Her father gives her the option to either live there and forget or leave their home and go to the asylum. Present day – Will is trying to make Alice remember Cyrus. Cyrus is on the run and ends up at the end of a cliff and meets the Red Queen. Turns out the Jafarland is a floating island and you cannot get off it without some type of aid. Flashback – Alice decided to go to the asylum. As Alice is leaving she sees the happy family. Present Day – Will realizes that the Red Queen was the one that got him out of stone. Turns out Will did not put his heart back in. Cyrus jumps off the cliff to escape the Red Queen. Jafar visits Alice’s father and says he can take him to Alice

Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Ep. 11 “Aon Rud Persanta”

The title translates to “nothing personal”. Tara wakes up with the boys and is given notice that Jax does not want the boys in daycare at the hospital anymore. Jax meets with the DA and works out the deal. Niro reminds Gemma that Wendy needs to go to rehab. He also asks if any mercy can go to Tara as well. C’mon does this man not know Gemma. It will take a lot for her to get past all the crap Tara has pulled. Tara drops the kids off at the club and is on her way to meet with her new lawyer. The guys are working to get Clay out with the Irish. Wayne asks a good question about what happens with Tara if she does not go to jail or does what does life look like. Wayne speaks some hard truths that Gemma needs to hear. Wayne admits to Gemma that he is in love with her and that’s why he is there. Break out time. The MC is using the delivery trucks to run an ambush. Clay is surprised to see Jax. Bobby gets hit as they are making their get away which results in Juice running the cop over. Bobby!!!! Jax brings Clay to meet with the Irish and turns around and shoots and kills all the Irish. OMG!!! I was not ready for that but I respect it. Gemma, Niro, and Tara show up to the airplane hanger. Gemma is surprised to see Clay. Niro questions his deal with the MC. Jax listens to Clay’s advice on how to spin the three dead bodies. It looks like Clay is going to take the fall with the Irish and will be killed with them.

Gemma watches as Clay is shot and killed. Jax is on a war path. Wow. See why it is important to have a love of a good woman to keep a man on the right path. Jax checks on Gemma. Jax says thank you to Tara and she holds his hand for a second. You know there is love still there. Tara lays it out for Niro why Clay had to be killed. Tara comforts Gemma despite everything. The rest of the Irish show up and are filled in by Jax on what happened. Jax sets it up that they need to work with Marx or not at all in regards to the gun business. The Irish agree to make the story work. Gemma says that Niro could marry her. Niro is honest and says that he sees what happens to the husbands and wants no part of it. Tara meets with the DA in her office. They question where Tara was and are willing to deal with Tara to get off for the murder charges. Tara says she is willing to take the deal she just needs more time. The DA receives notification of the death of O’Shea and Clay. Tara is doing surgery on Bobby and plans to keep the bullet to give to the DA. Sherrif tells the DA that Jax kept his word but she points out that the deal they made did not include dead bodies.  Jax tells Tara thank you for the surgery she did on Bobby. Tara has the bullet in her pocket. Uh oh.

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