Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Ep. 5 “Internment” Review

Important Moments:

Show starts with Rick driving while having a mental debate with himself. Back at the prison Hershel has to place a breathing tube into someone. Hershel keeps trying to be positive but you can tell it is hard when you are in the sick ward. Another one bites the dust and Glen and Hershel work to get the body out before it turns so they do not have to kill on the cell block. Maggie comes to visit Glen in the observation room but finds Hershel there instead. Maggie is freaking out being on the outside unable to help when two of the most important men in her life are on the other side. Maggie lets Rick in and finds out about Carol and her not returning. Maggie agrees with Rick’s actions. Caleb is at the end of his rope at being sick and actually brought a gun into quarantine for when it gets to be too much.

 A man falls and dies from his illness. The whole ward looks on as Hershel tells everyone to get back into their cells. He has to kill the man but has to cover his face in order to do it. . He does it in the observation room where Rick sees it occur. Rick tells Hershel about Carol. After Hershel finds Sasha passed out as a zombie in another cell awakens. Sasha is awake! Glen starts coughing up blood. Hershel finds himself jumped by a zombie and all hell breaks loose. Maggie rushes to the block after hearing the gun shot. The little girl is leading the zombie away from Glen.

Rick recruits Carl to help. Maggie is determined to get into the block to help her father. Hershel has to kill Caleb to get his gun. Carl and Rick are outside reinforcing the fence but it fails  and the zombies get through. Carl and Rick get armed and take on the horde of Zombies. Hershel leads all the zombies into one place and shoots and kills them. Hershel is fighting the zombie to get the breathing tube back for Glen. Maggie arrives just in time to help. Rick and Carl finish off the zombies with a crowbar to the skull.

 The scavenger group arrives back with the medication finally. End music – Hershel is sitting in Caleb’s cell holding a bible and begins crying. It is the next day and Hershel has a new lease on life and is more positive. Darryl asks Hershel about Carol who informs him to ask Rick. The show ends with the Governor in the trees watching the prison. 

My Thoughts:

I respect Hershel for what he is doing. He feels the need to help and to keep people alive but after seeing the madness I respect Carol for just killing people and ending it. I completely agree with Rick removing Carol from the group. She has become a loose cannon and kills anyone when she thinks it right. So who knows when or where she will draw the line. I have a lot of respect for the little girl as well. She knows what she needs to do to protect Glen who is too sick to protect himself.

Carl will always be my favorite character. They have always written him a little bit too soft in the show. I understand they cannot make Carl the true killer that he is in the comic book but by not doing so you are not allowing the fans to understand the true depth of this particular character. It should be interesting to see how Darryl will react to Rick's choice to remove Carol. Rick continues to make choices that will be hard for Darryl. This might finally be the last straw. Until next week! 

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