Monday, December 30, 2013

Dr. Who Xmas

Goodbye Raggedy Man!

Well the time has finally arrived…….Matt Smith's 2013 Christmas Special/send off! *sniff sniff* Please note there are spoilers (^_~) ahead…

To me, the episode fell by. I loved seeing The Doctor fight for Tranzelor and keeping the citizens safe. It helped with previous episodes to fill in that gap of what really happened. He was a warrior until the end. Even though it took 300 years for him to age, it was a huge difference to see The Doctor old, weary, and fragile. All of the things he not. The way he tricked Clara into going back home twice was just heartbreaking, even more so seeing her frozen on the doors holding on. The TARDIS should’ve known that The Doctor would need Clara in his diminishing hour. Without Clara there on Tranzelor, the Timelords would’ve never granted The Doctor a new set of regenerations. And BRAVO to that, it helped answer the question we have all been asking…..why is the new Doctor old again!? *applaud*

If you blinked – you missed the regeneration. BUT I think bringing Amy Pond in to send him off, is just the icing on the cake. It put that warm-fuzzy feeling inside you, and maybe for a second everything will be alright. That is until Peter Capaldi didn’t know how to fly the TARDIS. ;) We will have to wait until August to see how that one pans out! Until then my Little Whovians! 

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