Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Smash Bros: Zelda Announced

Hello Everyone,

A new challenger has been announced for the upcoming Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. Zelda has been officially confirmed.

Zelda is offically in the new Smash Bros. I am sure many of you are excited as we all know everyone is on the chopping block.In the past she has the ability to transform into Sheik. I hope that is true again as many of you utilize that character. I have found myself battling Sheik many times with my Ice Climbers.  Her Final Smash is called "Light Arrow." 

Zelda has more strong attacks than she has fast ones, so she is treated like a heavy character. However, she is in fact very light, being not much heavier than Sheik. One thing to remember is that she really only has two special attacks, because transform does no damage, and Fayore's wind is hard to attack with. So the best thing to do is use her standard attack and Nayru's love. Din's fire is really only used to finish off opponents when they've left themselves vulnerable or at the start of the match to get some damage in. Zelda's melee attacks are very powerful but slow.

Have fun! Comment and share your thoughts on this addition.

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  1. Love it. Any characters at this point is nice and she was good against other light characters like Kirby.