Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gamer Corner: Ruth

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets her thoughts on the gaming world and learn what she is enjoying at the moment.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

My Name is Ruth, I’m a Electrical Engineer, and I enjoy playing Video games, and blogging about it.

What rig do you currently game on?

I currently play on my PlayStation 3, but I can’t wait to get my hands on a PlayStation 4 soon.

What game are you currently playing right now?

Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Batman: Arkham City

Do you enjoy that game, why? How’s the overall game play?

I really enjoy RPG’s, FPS, and comics books, so all of the games I’m currently playing I really like. Skyrim allows me to dungeon crawl, Battlefield lets me shoot’em up, and Batman is one of the best comic book game made on the market.

Would you recommend it?

I would totally recommend these games. If anyone wanted a RPG I would point you to Skyrim. If they wanted a first person shooter, I would tell you about Battlefield, and if they wanted a good old comic book game, I would sit you in down in front of Batman. 

Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to?

Battlefield 4 and Watchdog. 

What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc.

I am a hardcore console player.

So with the new consoles coming out, which way are you leaning One or 4? (Ignore if you are a PC gamer)

PlayStation 4

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry?

I think the gaming industry is getting over clouded by the money, because games are coming out too unfinished lately. There are too many day-one patches, and a lot of games have come out with broken mechanics on release day making me wonder if the games are being pushed out the door.

If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go?

I think the gaming industry has done a lot to make games more inviting. It’s not even consider geeky anymore to have a console in your living room. So if I had the power to change the direction the gaming industry was going in, I wouldn’t. There doing fine.

10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction?

I see the industry playing a huge part in our lives, since no matter where you go in the world people value their living rooms. I can totally see bitcoins and google wallet and other things being a part of the industry, allowing us to do more with our consoles than just playing video game.

Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why?

Final Fantasy 8, because I spent so many summer nights waking up and going to sleep to that game, that it is apart of my childhood. 

Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you?

Truth_7 on the PS3

Thank you to Ruth for a fantastic interview. If you would like to be interviewed for Gamer Corner please contact me at

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