Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies Review

Hey Everyone,

Finally I can share with you my thoughts on the latest installment in the Phoenix Wright series.

First of all I am sure you can scan back through my archives to see how excited I was to play this game. I must admit that I enjoyed my time at NY Comic Con at the Phoenix Wright Booth.

Okay so the game, it has an overall good game play. You can yell objection if you so desire. The game is well done. I played the previous games as well as the Miles spinoff but did not get a chance to play the Apollo spinoff. I felt a little lost due to not knowing the character while playing so I would recommend playing that game so you can understand all the dynamics and where a lot of the new characters came from. 

The new to me girl, Athena Cykes, is a fun character and because she studied analytical psychology, she can tell if someone's emotion does not match with the appropriate emotion. It took a second for the concept to grow on me but I did find it fun to use. Trying to figure out the emotions of those on the stand added a good dynamic. Plus Athena is easily stumped at times like Phoenix which is always fun to see. 

Yes our friend the Judge is back. He is bald as ever with an awesome beard. The 3D effects make the game look smooth and sleek. I truly felt as though I was in the court room and quickly found myself having to stop to charge the device because I was playing for too long. The story lines of each trial is fun as always and intricate and intertwined. I like the various brain teasers that this series always produces. I enjoy a little bit of thinking with my games and if you are like me then this is the game to pick up. 

The series continues to get better and I would recommend picking up this game only if you have played the other ones. If you have not then do it so you understand the dynamics. This series truly builds on each game and ties them all together. Oh, by the way there is a Phoenix Wright movie, I would recommend playing the first game and then watching the movie and you will see how great this whole series is. The only drawback to the series is when you get stumped then you are stuck until you figure it out but that is not really a drawback. 

Play the game and leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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