Sunday, December 8, 2013

Once Upon a Time S3, Ep. 10 “The New Neverland” Review

Important Moments:
In Storybrooke Belle is helping Aerial meet Eric. They have true love’s kiss and then the Jolly Roger appears in the sky. The town cheers on everyone returning home. Belle is happy to see Rumple is home. Wendy is reunited with her brothers finally. Regina is left alone but Snow points out that they all made it out because of her. Peter is in Henry’s body and points out that Felix needs to be locked. Hook apparently has not completely given up on the Emma battle with Neal. Neal asks Emma on a date but claims she is not ready for that. Regina demands Tinkerbell’s wings back from the Blue Fairy who is still a jerk to her and cannot give her the wings back. Pan as Henry decides to stay in Henry’s room in Regina’s house. He wants to know about her magic vault. Pan calls his shadow from the sail and says that magic is the answer.

Flashback: Snow and Charming have just been married and Snow is upset that Regina ruined the wedding. Snow and Charming are on their honeymoon at the summer castle. Snow is using the honeymoon as a cover as a way to deal with the problem with Regina. She makes a run for it with her weapons but is caught by Charming quite easily. She plans on cutting off the head of Medusa to use it to turn Regina into stone. Charming cannot understand why Snow cannot just let the mess with Regina go. Snow and Charming are trapped with Medusa and cannot cut her head off. They try to make a run for it but Charming ends up looking her in the eyes and is turned to stone. Regina shows up in a shield and laughs at Snow for having Charming transformed into stone. Snow uses a mirror to trap Medusa into stone and Charming is released. Snow says she is ready to start a family and refuses to let Regina control her choices. 

Charming is given an elixir to cure him of dream shade by Rumple. Charming goes to talk to Emma to see if she is alright. She is concerned about Henry. Charming calms her down and brings her to have lunch with Neal. Hook runs into Tinkerbell. The Blue Fairy is being chased by Pan’s shadow and kills her by taking her shadow.  

Pan is manipulating things so well that he gets Regina to take him to her magic vault. Emma demands the box that is holding "Pan"  Rumple does not want to give up the box but Emma wants Pan gone once and for good. They go to the town line and release "Pan". Henry as Pan says he is Henry. He is able to convince Emma and everyone he is Henry. Pan has used a bottle of magic against Regina, knocking her out. The group is trying to get into the Magic Vault. They find Regina knocked out. Pan took the curse and if casted everyone will forget who they are and Pan will be in charge. He wants to make the new Neverland. 

My Thoughts:
I am happy that Eric and Aerial end up together but it seems too easy. I am sorry but Snow’s wedding dress is very ugly. What were they thinking with that choice?  I feel bad about poor Henry being locked in the box and Pan walking around in his skin. I am constantly amazed that no one realizes when there is a body switch. I would like to say I would recognize right away if my close family member was replaced by an impostor.

The killing of The Blue Fairy was a little bit too easy in my book. She has magic why didn't she use it? Regina was taking by the fake Henry too easy as well. I understand why but she should have been a bit more cautious. I look forward to seeing what the curse being casted again will do to the town. Doesn't Pan now need the heart of someone he loves to cast the spell? Rumple better watch out! 

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