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Graphic Tees: Brain Junk Tees

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Well you know that I love my graphic tees and I love to bring to you awesome Graphic Tee Companies that you can shop and enjoy. I had the pleasure of meeting Brain Junk Tees at NY Comic Con this year and I must admit that the shirt I bought was great quality and a great conversation piece. Check out my interview with the owners of Brain Junk Tees. 

Tell me a little bit about your company and the founders?

Brain Junk LLC was born on Oct 29th, a few days following super storm Sandy. As a result of the storm, I wasn’t able to leave my house for a week but was able to connect to the internet and occasionally talk on the phone. The downtime allowed us to spend some time doing what we like to do best - draw.

The COO, David Cruz and I were on the phone when I randomly said our business will be called Brain Junk. We both laughed because it described our work perfectly! Brain Junk is a company made up of young people who use art to express thoughts that they could not verbally express to the world. We find freedom in art.

David Cruz, COO and Maria Soto (Mia), CEO founded Brain Junk LLC.

Who makes Brain Junk….
David Cruz, inspired works such as Chef Bacon, Baby Boom, Frank on War Bear
Maria Soto, artist of Frank on War Bear, Vegan Zombie, Monster Under the Bed, At the Coliseum, 
Bruce Pettway, handles advertisement, marketing, explores areas that Brain Junk should venture into.
Valerie Valencia, artist of Chef Bacon, Baby Boom, Zombie Cupcake
Nina Vasquez, artist of Zombie Skater, Norm the Alien, Frank as Mona Lisa, Monday Cat
Ashley Garcia is our design and show advisor.

What made you decide to get into your field?

Art has always been an escape for us. We can express ourselves without fear of being judged. It is really awesome to see how people interpret our designs. During the NYC Comic Con a little girl no more than 5 years of age walked up to our booth and giggled when she saw our At the Coliseum design. She told her mom, ‘It’s about time! You see that mom. The Ketchup finally had its revenge on the fries’. Ashley and I, looked at each other and smiled. The message got across and it didn’t matter how old or young the person was they were getting it.

We got into this field because we want to bring humor and hope to the geek world and others who are conscious of issues affecting our society.

What is the vision of your company? What do you hope to achieve?

We have spoken about our vision. I see Brain Junk LLC as a partner in hope for organizations that are committed to finding cures to cancer, HIV/AIDS, bullying and other issues that adversely impact our society. Bruce expressed that he sees Brain Junk LLC in major brick and mortar stores. I agree so long as we remain committed and true to our vision and cause. We hope to give hope to others. We want to do this financially, with funds that enable research, and with humor that feeds the soul.

This year Brain Junk walked in the St Jude Give Thanks walk on Nov 23rd in NYC.
On May 2014 Brain Junk will walk to raise funds for HIV/AIDs awareness. We are actually working on a design that will be dedicated to this cause. Every time we sell one of the Awareness shirts half of the money that was made will be donated.

What is your favorite design? Why?

Today my favorite design is The Monster Under the Bed. This was a design that we set out to raise funds for the St Jude Children’s Hospital. This shirt shows the world how we see cancer. It is the monster under the bed and Brain Junk wants to obliterate it. As a survivor this is a cause that hit home and one that I will not give up on.  To date this is our most serious shirt. But we think that we should have a section on our site for On a serious note designs…

 What is your hope for the future of your company?

My hope is that Brain Junk LLC will pave the way for many other young artists. We want to be role models that mentor the youth and tap into their talents to bring hope and joy into this world. I think that people are tired of crying and feeling that they are powerless. I think that art is very powerful. It can put a smile on a person’s face just as fast as it can make someone scratch their head. We want to focus that power on making positive and responsible changes in the world. I think that great minds attract other great minds and love my team.  

 What do you think about the rise of popularity of graphic tees? Where do you see the field going?

I think that geeks like me have contributed greatly to the rise in popularity of graphic tees. I think graphic tees are here to stay J

What is your website? Contact information?

Our website is You may contact us by phone at 718-344-1828718-570-3305, via email @,

Additional Comments?

Thank you for showing interest in Brain Junk. We hope to continue to put smiles on your face J

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