Sunday, December 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time S3, Ep. 11 “Going Home” Review

Important Moments: 

Pan begins the curse in Storybrooke. Pan has to take Felix’s heart to complete the spell. Rumple lets them know that they can undo the spell by having Regina destroy the scroll. The gang splits up. They have to switch Henry and Pan back into the correct bodies. Pan’s shadow shows up as Neal, Tinkerbell, Hook, and Charming try to get the Black Fairy’s wand. Flashback: Snow is pregnant and talking to the Blue Fairy. She is concerned that sending Emma away will not work. She is sad that Emma will never get to know the life they set up for her.  Flashback: Hook is on the island and is looking for the dagger to kill Rumple. He is ambushed by Tinkerbell. They share some rum and Hook says how he is determined to kill Rumple.

Hook decides to be a distraction to the shadow so they can try to capture it but in the end Tinkerbell has to make the fairy dust work and trap Pan’s shadow. She tosses the shadow into the fire after capturing it. Blue is revived after the shadow is dead. Tinkerbell gets her wings back and Blue provides them with the wand. Rumple performs the spell on Henry so he can switch back to his proper body. Everyone leaves to go find Henry.

Flashback of Henry being at school. Snow tries to comfort Henry who is upset about not being loved by his birth mom or adopted mother. Snow gives Henry the book about fairy tales that Snow found in her closet and says she has never seen the book before. She reminds Henry to hope for a happy ending. Henry has a flash of seeing Mary Margaret as Snow White. Present time they find Henry who promptly gives the scroll back to Regina. There is a flash and she passes out. Pan wakes up and is able to take the cuff off since he made it. He puts the cuff on Rumple. Pan plans on destroying everyone and Rumple is now powerless to stop it.

Flashback: Rumple is lighting a candle for his son. Belle walks in and tries to give condolences for Rumple's son. Rumple says he can never have a happy ending. Present Day Rumple is without magic. Regina wakes up and Pan is free and takes the curse. Pan freezes them in place. Rumple says that happiness is possible for Belle and Neal just not with him. He says I love you to Belle and Neal. Rumple calls forth his shadow. He says they only way for Pan to die is if they both die. He stabs Pan and himself with the knife. Pan reverts back to his true self and they both die together. Everyone becomes unfrozen once they are gone. 

They all look to Regina to stop the curse. The price for stopping the curse is that it destroys Storybrooke. Everyone will go back to the enchanted forest except Henry who was born in this world. Emma has to stay with Henry and is the only one with the ability to stay. Flashback to Emma giving birth and refusing to see Henry. Present day - Everyone is at the town line to say goodbye. Regina lets Emma know that she will lose her memories of all of them. Regina can give her and Henry new memories so they will be happy. Regina destroys the scroll as they drive away and the town disappears. Flashback to Emma giving birth. She decides to hold the baby this time and keeps him. One Year Later: Emma is making breakfast for Henry as they live in Boston. There is a knock at the door. Hook shows up at the door saying that Emma's family is in danger. He tries to kiss her to get her to remember but Emma knees him and shuts the door. End. 

My Thoughts:

It was good that Tinkerbell was able to earn back her wings. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy Tinkerbell with a harden edge but I like that she will now be in full powers. I understand that everyone wants to see Henry back in his own body but shouldn’t some people stay and watch over Pan or at least put him in jail. A little cuff that stops his magic is not enough in my opinon. I am not surprised that Pan is able to just take the cuff off and now Rumple has no magic. How foolish was it of all of them to leave Rumple alone to go see Henry. I can understand most of them but there was no reason for Belle to leave. They know Pan is very dangerous and they do not think to secure him in multiple ways. 

Great ending. I was wondering when we will get back to the enchanted forest. I wonder if Regina will now meet Robin Hood who is supposed to be the love of her life. Will she now patch things up with Snow or will she go back to the feud? I look forward to seeing Mulan again. She quickly became one of my favorite characters. It should be interesting to see everyone back in their true world. In the previews they have the Wicked Witch of the West coming to the Enchanted Forest. I look forward to seeing the dynamic she will bring. I am sure Regina will try to be reformed and will have to fight against the Witch. This should be fun. 

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