Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sons of Anarchy S6, Ep. 13 “A Mother’s Work” Finale Review

Show starts with Jax writing in his journal talking about all that he has done and the consequences of his actions. He is writing this while he sits at Opie’s grave. The DA is talking to the Sheriff and is worried about Tara’s safety. Tara took the boys and is holed up in a hotel. Gemma pulls Juice aside to see how he is holding up after Clay. She is concerned about his suicide attempt. The sheriff and DA show up to talk to Jax. The DA is fishing for information about where Tara is and Jax is evasive. DA tries to pull mind games with Jax. Jax lets the club know that Tara is dodging the DA and the club. Juice asks the hard question about what will be done if she decides to rat.

Alvarez shows up in the middle of the meeting. Alvarez is upset about the gun deal going to Pope. Alvarez lets Jax know that Mayans are setting up in Stockton and that Niro is involved. Tara contacted her lawyer saying she will go through with the deal. Niro and Jax take small jabs at each other. Niro is upset about the lie in reference to Juice killing that woman. During the drug deal Alvarez shoots Pope’s men and takes the guns.

Niro is upset with Alvarez about the killing. Alvarez tells him it is time to retire to the farm because it will start to get bloody. Juice and Bobby find Tara with the boys at a local park. They followed her lawyer. Tara agrees to the deal and tells the lawyer where she is staying for the pick up. Wayne shows up to Gemma’s asking about Tara. Gemma asks about Clay’s funeral and the only one present was Wayne. Jax shows up to the park and Tara is surrounded by the club. The club takes the boys so Jax can talk to Tara. Tara starts to cry and says all she sees is the violence and how it has changed Jax. Jax points out that she choose to be a part of it. Tara just wants the boys not to grow up to be part of the violence. Tara believes that Jax is going to kill her. Jax lets her know that he is not going to hurt her.

Niro shows up to his office and finds Gemma waiting for him. Niro is being short with Gemma and says he needs to be alone. Niro makes a plea to Gemma to leave it all behind and leave with him. She says she cannot and Niro ends the relationship. The DA and Sheriff show up to Tara’s hotel room and they are surprised to see Jax there. Jax tries to make the deal that he will take the fall for the guns, just him, and Tara gets to walk. The DA takes the deal. Tara and Jax admit to still loving each other. Jax informs the club of his deal. Jax hands over the gavel to Bobby. Wayne shows up to Gemma’s to find her drunk and lets her know that Jax is being arrested and assumes Tara made a deal. She distracts Wayne and leaves with the keys. Juice agrees to go find Gemma. Juice tells Jax that he will be missed. Jax whispers in his ear how he betrayed him. Tara and the sheriff show up to the house and see Wayne’s truck. Tara finds Gemma in the house and the fight ensues. Gemma kills Tara in a horrible way. She shoves her head in a dishwater filled sink and proceeded to stab her in the head repeatedly with a fork. The sheriff finds Gemma and lets her know that Tara did not rat and she killed her for no reason. Juice comes in and kills the sheriff before he can call it in.

Jax is saying bye to everyone. Everyone is sad and crying as Jax is going to turn himself in. Wendy is sitting in rehab. Wayne is smoking and Gemma drives up in his truck. She seeks comfort from Wayne. The Mayans, Lin, and Niro sit down to talk. Juice is disposing of the evidence from the crime scene. Jax shows up at home finds Tara and the sheriff dead.  Jax holds her body to him and cries. The DA walks in and sees the scene.

My Thoughts: Opening sequence of images was well done. It always breaks my heart when they mention Opie. He was awesome and you can see how much Jax is broken without his friend. The whole Juice situation has been brewing for awhile. We all know that he is on the edge and he keeps getting pushed. I wasn’t surprised when he fell apart.

I am happy that Tara and Jax are able to come back together. They are a messy couple but it is good that in the end they are able to work together to make things right. I am sure that Gemma will be upset when she realizes she will be losing her son and grandsons. My heart broke when Jax told Juice that he betrayed him. This man is already on the edge.

Wow! Gemma killed Tara in a brutal horrible way! I was not prepared for that and I knew Juice was going to kill the sheriff. It looks like the DA will try to take Jax down for the killing. The question is will Gemma come forward for what she did. The ballistics will not match so the DA is going to have to drop the charges quick. I understand that Jax needs to lose a lot to become the man he is destined to be but to lose Tara will break something inside him. It was a overall great season and I look forward to Season 7. 

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