Monday, December 2, 2013

Super Mario 3D World Review

This time around you are not saving the princess but instead you are saving fairy sprites that Bowser has taken captive and placed in bottles. He is just a big bully. You will find yourself facing Bowser or the Bowser kids as always. My question is where is the mom to all these Bowser kids.

The game is visually pleasing. It truly takes everything that was great about Super Mario Galaxy and combines it with the multiplayer aspects of New Super Mario Bros. U. Super Mario Galaxy is one of my all time favorites and I enjoyed the different worlds that reminded me of the set up for Super Mario World. Princess Peach is now a playable character. The one problem is that you cannot use 4 Wiimotes. You are forced to play 3 Wiimotes and the gamepad. I did not like that the only way to play four players is to use the gamepad but it is a small thing to fuss about. 

I had the chance to play the game with four players to get the full effect of the madness of 3D. Let me tell you there were many deaths. One drawback is that you have shared lives. So if you have stayed alive the whole game and die when your counterparts have been going through the lives like it is water you may find yourself on the outside looking in. I did not enjoy the shared life aspect. If I stayed alive and you have used all the lives I should not be penalized for all your deaths.

The new suit for this game is the cat suit. It allows for you climb up walls and claw certain switches. I also like that at the end of the level you can climb to the top of the flag pole and always get a perfect score. 

Overall the game play is good. I wish there were more uses of the gamepad. The worlds were different and interesting with some worlds specifically designed for single player. One of my favorite boards was early on and you had to ride a dinosaur through the water and work with your counterparts to control the dinosaur. It is interesting and trust me that dinosaur died a few times. I would recommend this game as it is fun to scream at your friends and family members as you play and die repeatedly. 

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