Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Ep. 8 “Too Far Gone” Review

 (Midseason Finale) Important Moments:

The Governor is talking to his crew. He makes a great speech about how they need to take the prison. The governor captured Hershel and Michonne. He claims he wants to take the prison without killing anyone… yeah okay! The governor paints a story of how bad the people in the prison are. He is a great motivational leader as everyone chimes in that they are in.

The governor is talking to Hershel  and Michonne. He claims he does not want to hurt anyone and he wants them to help him take the prison peacefully. Hershel says they can find a way to live together. Michonne says she wants to kill him. Hershel tries to talk to the governor but he is not willing to listen. The governor’s chippie Lillie is trying to talk him out of the potential killing spree. In the prison Maggie and Glen are talking. Darryl is upset about Carol. Rick and Darryl are whispering about the situation. They are both scared to tell Tyrese. Rick and Darryl go to find Tyese. He shows them a rat that has been mutilated. Before they can tell him about Carol the prison is under attack. The governor has a tank. They show the prison that they have Hershel and Michonne. The governor requests a talk with Rick.

Darryl talks about if things go bad that everyone should head to the bus. Rick goes to talk to the governor. The governor tells him they have to sundown to get out or they die. The gang is getting armed. At the governor’s camp Lillie watches a walker trying to cross the river. Megan finds a sign that says flash flood warning and a walker comes out of the mud. She gets bit by the zombie. Carl just wants to shoot the governor and end it now. Rick makes the offer to live together. The governor refuses to accept the deal. Rick says they are not leaving. The governor does not like what Rick is saying and holds a sword to Hershel's neck. Rick says everything from the past can be let go and they can all join together. The governor says no and kills Hershel by cutting his throat. Michonne makes a run for it with her hands tied. The governor beheads Hershel. Lillie brings Megan's body to the gun fight. The governor shoots her in the head and keeps moving. The governor says to go through the fence and kill them all.

They take down the fence and come in with the cars. The prison stars to fall back and run for the bus. Rick and the governor are fighting. Maggie runs to get Glen. Beth did not get on the bus and they see the bus drive off. The kids have guns and take out two people and save Tyrese. They did not get on the bus and took Carol's approach of protecting themselves. They have Judith with them. Rick and the Governor are still fighting. Michonne ends it by stabbing the governor and saving Rick. The prison is becoming over run by walkers. Rick is trying to find Carl and finds him with a shotgun. Carl doesn't know where Judith is. They find her carrier abandoned with blood on it. They flee the prison. Lillie shows up with a gun and finishes off the governor. The prison is now completely over run by zombies. 

My Thoughts:

Okay now that he captured people are we going to get the Governor from the graphic novel that rapes and beheads people. They have watered him down for television. Really! He has Michonne and Hershel peacefully tied up. No! He needs to be torturing them. They have humanized the Governor way too much.  

Raise your hand if you were not sadden by Megan being bit by a zombie. You would figure after the girl was just attacked by a zombie that the mother would keep a better eye on her. I mean come on. Finally the governor beheads someone. Not the correct person but I will take it. Hershel should have died on the farm not Dale so I am happy to see him go. Not as much death as I would like and you know that baby is still alive. Now the group is separated. Rick and Carl are together and I wonder if this is the time that Carl has to completely take care of Rick until he gets himself back together again like in the graphic novel. 

Okay the prison is a loss now they will be on the road and I guess this is when they will meet Abraham and his group. I look forward to seeing the new addition to the group.  

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