Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 9 “The Cell” Review

Important Moments:

Flashback to 1953 and Damon shows up to visit the boarding house and his family. The family member injects him with revane for money. He is taken into the Augustine program. Present time with Dr. Maxfield, Damon is now the new test subject. Katherine is writing in a diary because Stefan has her on suicide watch. Katherine called in Caroline to help Stefan get better. Elena visits Aaron who informs her of Jesse’s death. Aaron is questioning why everyone around him is dead while Elena is trying to get information about Aaron’s guardian, Wes.

Flashback to Damon being held captive and tortured in the name of science. Elena lets Aaron know that Wes forged the death certificates. Aaron is a Whitmore. She notices a picture of her father and finds out that her dad was a doctor for Augustine. Elena is revaned by Wes in front of Aaron. Caroline is bent on helping Stefan with his PTSD. Wes lets Aaron know that he is actually studying vampires. Now Damon and Elena are in captivity together. Flashback of Damon being tortured by Dr. Whitmore. Damon actually made a friend in his captivity, Enzo. The friendship kept him sane. Damon works with the other vampire by drinking both amounts of blood making Enzo weak. Damon is able to get free and he starts feeding as a fire rages. He realizes he could not get Enzo out of the cage and leaves him. Damon turned off his emotions in order to leave Enzo to die in the fire.

Elena is upset to find out that her dad was part of Augustine. Katherine asks Caroline if she ever hooked up with Stefan. Stefan starts to freak out during his exposure therapy. Aaron finds autopsy reports as Wes tells him his parents were attacked by vampires. Aaron punches Wes and grabs a gun and leaves. Katherine is now locked in the safe with Stefan to help him get over his PTSD. Stefan is able to face some of his problems and almost kisses Katherine.

Aaron comes downstairs and confronts Elena and blames her for Megan and his parents. Damon says that he killed the parents. He planned to leave only one Whitmore alive at a time and kill all the other Whitmores and continue to do so for every generation because of the torture he suffered. Elena is upset to realize that Damon goes on weekend trips to kill Whitmores. Aaron shoots Damon in the head. 

Stefan admits that Katherine was right that he needs to focus on the pain of the break up and not just the physical pain. They start hooking up. Caroline hears them hooking up. Aaron puts on his father's watch and is told by Wes just to go back to school and forget what happened. Damon wakes up from being shot and realizes that Elena is gone. Elena is strapped down and meets Enzo who is still in the program and survived the fire. 

My Thoughts:

It is a shame to see Damon being tortured. I understand why they do the experiments but the level of torture is not needed. It is true that a vampire with PTSD will cause some problems. We are at the halfway mark of this episode and I find that something is lacking. I hope it gets a little bit better. Having Katherine in the box with Stefan did make it more interesting. I like that they are trying a Behavior Therapy technique. It is a bit misguided but it is fun to watch. 

I am fully on team Katherine and Stefan. I think she is exactly what he needs. When she is just not too about herself she can be a truly caring person. Enzo being alive was pretty obvious but we shall see how it all works out for the mid-season finale next week. 

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