Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale

American Horror Story S3 Ep. 13 “The Seven Wonders”

Important Moments: 
Great opening sequence of Stevie Nicks and the girls getting ready for their tests. Myrtle Snow and Delia administer the first test, telekinesis. All four pass the first test. Next is mind control. Misty vs Queenie they enjoy doing mean things to each other. Madison vs Zoe. Madison goes for Kyle and adds him to the drama. She truly shows her pettiness. Next test is astral projection. Queenie returns first then Madison and Zoe but Misty finds herself stuck in her time in science class when the teacher made her kill a frog. Misty does not make it back in time and dies in Delia’s arms.

Transportation is next. The girls keep teleporting and tagging each other. The girls are having fun doing it and Zoe finds herself impaled on the fence. Madison refuses to bring Zoe back and names herself Supreme. Kyle holds Zoe’s hand is very upset about her death. Myrtle tells Delia that she has great powers and tells her to perform the seven wonders because she is meant to be the next Supreme.

Delia performs the tasks very easily. Madison has to do divination. Madison gets mad that she fails and packs her stuff in a huff. Kyle gets upset with Madison for letting Zoe die. He kills Madison while Delia brings Zoe back. The creepy butler, Spalding, shows up to say he will take care of the body. Delia passes out from the experience.

She wakes up with her eyes fixed. She is the new Supreme. Delia is doing a news special saying that she is a witch. Delia works at making the coven grow by using the news cast. Delia wants to put Queenie and Zoe on the council. Myrtle volunteers to be burned at the stake for what she did to the last council. Delia refuses to burn her. The ladies are out in the rock quarry again with the black umbrellas and Myrtle is wearing an awesome red dress. She is burned again at the stake.

Delia offers the council position to Queenie and Zoe who accept. Delia sees her mother in the parlor. Turns out Fiona set it up to look like she was killed by putting a memory of her murder in the Axeman’s mind. Fiona looks like death. Fiona admits to loving Delia even if she treated her badly. Fiona dies in Delia’s arms. Fiona wakes up on a farm and she looks normal. The Axeman is there. She is stuck spending eternity with the Axeman. She ends up seeing Papa Legba. Delia, Queenie, and Zoe welcome the new girls. Kyle is the new butler. Show ends with Delia’s welcome speech.

My Thoughts: Frankly I thought this season was more gore than necessary. I did not enjoy the slave aspect though I respected the work of Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates. Jessica Lange did an awesome job as Fiona. I like that even though Fiona looks like death she is still wearing her heels. Predicable death of her in her daughter’s arms.

The season finale wrapped things up nicely, a little too nicely. It had too much of a warm tree hugger feeling to it. I wished things happened a little bit different. Having Delia as the supreme worked too nicely and then for her to get her eyes back was too much. Either one of the girls should have been the supreme or Fiona should have killed Delia. A twist was needed but not delivered sadly.

What did you think of the finale? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I agree this season had too mich gore and overall creepy! But I must say I still enjoyed it.