Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Weapons: Making the Grade Review

Five Weapons by Jimmie Robinson is a book about Tyler, the son of a famous assassin, who enrolls in The School of Five Weapons, the preeminent school for up and coming assassins. The school is broken down into five different “clubs” each led by a different student: Jade the Blade, Rick the Stick, Darryl the Arrow, Joon the Loon, and Nat the Gat. You can guess what most of the clubs are and since I’m feeling magnanimous I’ll tell you the one you cant figure out, Joon the Loon is the head of the exotic weapons club, you know poisons and stuff like that.

                Since Tyler’s family is famous he is instantly sought after by all the clubs to join and here is where it gets interesting, Tyler goes about taking over the school using his best weapon, his mind. The way he gets around all of the clubs and their student representatives is extremely clever and entertaining and it kind of reminds me of Parker Lewis can’t Lose, you know if Parker Lewis had to deal with Kubiak being armed with guns or knives or really big sticks.

                Jimmie Robinson is pulling double duty handling the art and the writing for this book and the bright colors and character designs do an interesting job of making us feel that we are in a private school setting, despite the subject matter the students are studying. The book seems straight forward but there are some really big twists that reward you for reading it and the first one is really a big game changer, I suggest you guys go and check it out.

A Little Extra

           So as you guys can tell I’m a nerd. And like most nerds, I dabble in tabletop gaming. I’m currently in a Tuesday night Pathfinder game, yes I always play an Elf, and yes if we’re being honest I can sometimes be a Munchkin. So you can probably imagine the geekgasm I had when I found out there’s a Pathfinder comic and that its good. I just got finished reading the end of the “Of Tooth and Claw” story and its good. Its written by Jim Zub who does really good work in the high fantasy comic realm. If you’re a fan of table top gaming you should check it out, also if you’re a game master who’s looking for someone to play an Elf and you don’t mind some occasional Munchkin behavior send me an invite in the comments.

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