Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gamer Corner: LeVance

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets his thoughts on the gaming world and learning what he is enjoying at the moment. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself? What rig do you currently game on? What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc. 

I've been a gamer since I first played the Atari 2600. I currently game on the PS3. I'm more of a console gamer.

What is your first memory of gaming? 

My first memory of gaming is playing Pac-Man on the Atari 2600.

What game are you currently playing right now? Do you enjoy that game, why? How's the overall game play and graphics? 

I'm currently playing The Last of Us. I'm enjoying the game very much. I really like the story line and the graphics are amazing.

Would you recommend it, why? 

I would recommend it to anyone and I have. It's a good game, great story, best graphics I've seen in awhile and the game play.

Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to? 

I waiting for Watch Dogs and Destiny.

If you could design your own game what would it be like? 

The kind of I would design would be something in the way of Fallout 3. Vast open world with numerous side missions and DLC.

Thoughts on this new generation of consoles - Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One? 

I'm getting a PS4 in the coming month, wouldn't buy the Xbox One and the Wii U is a quality console that lacks enough great games.

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry? 

With all the great or good titles coming this year, I'd say the industry is doing very good.

10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction? If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go? 

10 years from now the industry should be much better than it is now. I'm liking the direction it's going. I'd go the direction of more games in the mold of the up coming Destiny.

Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why? 

All time favorite has to The Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time. Has to have been one of best story lines of the series. 

Additional Thoughts and Comments? 

My only comment would be for you to keep up the good work.

Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you?

Xbox tag is LDawg74 and my PS3 tag is Tinkpot.

Thank you to LeVance for a fantastic interview. If you would like to be interviewed for Gamer Corner please contact me at

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