Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teen Wolf S3, Ep. 16 “Illuminated” Review

Important Moments: Isaac is freaked out by “The Five”. Mr. Argent believes that they are after him. He has in his possession a broken mask that looks like the kind that they Five wear. Mr. McCall tries to interrogate Kira, Scott, Stiles, and Lydia but finds that he is getting nowhere. Kira is at home and takes a picture of herself in the mirror and she is covered by light in the picture. Scott gets Kira alone and she says she does not want to talk about it. She asks Scott to take a picture of her so he can see the same image. Derek finds himself surrounded by The Five. 

Kira and Scott worked together to get her phone back from the police because they contain pictures of her with the glowing light around her. There is a black light party being held at Derek’s warehouse. The Five are there as well. Ethan finds himself surrounded by the Five. Stiles is worried about the new key on his key ring. He has no idea how it got there 

Scott is holding Kira’s hand and sees Allison. Kira notices and lets go of Scott’s hand and disappears in the crowd. Lydia starts to notice the Five in the crowd and starts to see one of The Five come out of the shadows. As she is about to scream it takes her ability away. Stiles finds a phosphorous substance on his mystery key. Kira and Scott find themselves together again alone on the roof. Scott tells Kira that the image in the picture looks like a fox. Isaac finds a 5 behind his ear and they find Ethan. Aiden finds Lydia. They both have a 5 behind their ear as well as Derek. 

Derek interrupts the party and kicks everyone out. They are just left with the Five. Fight time! They seem to be focused on Aiden. He ends up being marked as well. Kira sees Scott partially change. The sun rises and the Five melt away. Mr. Argent comes home and looks like he has been beaten pretty badly. Stiles finds that the key works for the Chemistry room and realizes that he was the one that left the message to kill Kira. 

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed Scott and Kira together. It is fun to watch them develop this connection. I still do not care for Allison and Isaac but I am starting to accept it. Their interaction is written very well so I must admit I am not disliking them as much but I am not for this relationship.
I must admit the Five have some awesome tricks. The fight sequence was fun and it was interesting to see the Five pull out the sword from his chest. Okay so the Five are only marking the supernaturals. So far we have Isaac, Ethan, Aiden, Derek, and Lydia. I really want to see Mr. Argent’s connection to all of this. Also will they be going after Kira and Scott next? Scott believes that Kira is surrounded by a fox. I wonder what that will mean. 

Last thought, Stiles wrote the message to kill Kira. Looks like the door is still open in Stiles mind and something may be coming throught. 

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