Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 3, Ep. 13 “Anchors” Review

Important Moments:

Show starts with Stiles having a nightmare. He is in the school and walks into the classroom to find the tree. It wraps around him. He wakes up and Lydia is there. He questions why she is there and sees that his door is open and he must close it so no one can come in. He opens the door and walks out and is at the tree in the forest. He yells at himself to wake up and is finally in the real world. Stiles asks Scott if it is still affecting him. He questions if it is real. He wakes up again screaming and his dad comes in to calm him down.

Scott is getting ready for school and notice that his shadow has claws. Isaac asks Scott if he is mad at him over the whole Allison situation. He gets thrown into the wall for his inquiry. Stiles starts to see words mixed up on books. Allison is rushing off to school and gets on the elevator. When it opens she is in the hospital. She has flashbacks of her aunt Kate. She ends up in the morgue and sees her aunt clawing her way towards her. Next thing Allison knows she is at school. Lydia points out the obvious that Allison, Scott, and Stiles are not fine. New girl at school is introduced, Kira. Scott’s eyes turn red and he cannot control it. This occurs after he makes eye contact with the new girl in the hallway.

Scott cannot control his change and ends up slicing up his hands to stop himself from turning. Stiles lets Scott know that he does not know if he is waking up and he cannot read anything. Lydia is trying to help Allison by helping her focus with her archery but she cannot hit the target. She ends up hallucinating and sees someone running in the woods. Lydia has disappeared and keeps Allison hearing her aunt whispering her name. Allison sees her aunt running to her and shoots the arrow and almost hits Lydia and Isaac stopped the arrow. Scott wants to know why Isaac was near Allison and he ends up being thrown into the wall again.

Stiles visits his father and wants to know what his dad is up to. Turns out he is going over his old cases and wants to know if they were supernatural in nature. There is one case that is bugging him and how it possibly could be werewolf related. The special case files are all being transferred to the FBI and Scott’s father specifically.

Stiles shows up to class and everyone is using sign language. Everyone is doing the same sign to Stiles and he finds himself waking up in class. Turns out he was not actually asleep and finds that he was writing out to wake up. New girl joins in the conversation of the Scooby gang about being brought back to death. She talks about people being in between states.

“When is a door not a door” is what everyone was signing. It turns out that there is a door in their mind that is open after they died and needs to be closed as soon as possible. Stiles father asks Scott for help with the missing girl. Stiles father shows up to the missing girl’s father house to ask about the case. Stiles and Scott sneak in to the house to see if he can catch a scent to see if they can find the girl. Scott unfortunately cannot get a scent.

Scott shows up to flip out on his father, turns out that Scott’s father is collecting the information to have Stiles's father impeached. Scott loses control and his mother tells him to be his own anchor and to calm himself down. Scott shows up to Stiles house and says that they will find the missing girl.

Isaac and Allison are making out. Kate shows up and kills Isaac but it is all a dream except she finds a knife in her bed. Scott and Stiles are tracking through the woods. They find the car and notice werewolf marks on the car. They encounter some eyes by the car. Scott tries to chase it down and finds himself face to face with a wolf. Who’s eyes turn blue and is a full wolf not a werewolf. Show ends with Derek and Peter being held captive and are being tortured.

My Thoughts: Great opening sequence. We all know that when our sleep is affected, we can easily go off the rails. It is a shame to see that Stiles is so affected. I always cheer for him. It is interesting to see Scott constantly seeing his shadow as a werewolf.

I enjoy seeing Scott throw Isaac into the wall. I agree with him and frankly he needs to beat him up more. Isaac is breaking guy code and needs to pay for it. New girl and her father must be supernatural of some sort that is attracted to the area. She would add an interesting dynamic if she turns out not to be a bad guy. I want Scott with Allison but if not it is time for a new love interest for him and Kira would make a great new love interest.

Raise your hand if you think Scott’s father may be supernatural in some way. He shows up at the worse time and is causing a lot of trouble.

Wow so Scott finds a wolf. First it has blue eyes so it must have killed an innocent. Next it takes the shape of a wolf and not a half wolf half man form. The only one we ever saw that had that ability was Derek’s mother. I wonder if we will see her. 

I look forward to seeing where they are going with these various paths. 

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