Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1, Ep. 11 “The Magical Place” Review

Important Moments:

Show picks up with a girl buying an alien artifact. Ward and May come in and kick butt. Fitz and Simmons use their robots to help stop the bad guy. Skye hacks into the hotel and controls the elevator the bad guy is one and takes him straight to the Shield Agents. The guy is wanted for help with finding Coulson. It has been 36 hours since Coulson was kidnapped. Agent Hand has taken over and wants Skye kicked off the plane. May agrees that Skye will not be helpful and she is removed. Ward, Fitz, and Simmons help Skye.

Coulson wakes up in the hands of Centipede. He was dreaming of his time after death. He refuses to tell what he is seeing. The Clairvoyant cannot see how Coulson was brought back to life. Skye is now out on her own and finds that she is constantly being shut down by the Shield bracelet. Coulson is chained to a bed but has tweezers so he can pick the locks. 

Ward joins in on the interrogation and uses Fitz and Simmons to help get the guy to talk. Coulson breaks out of his jail and finds he is in one of those Nuketowns (COD anyone?), Sadly Coulson does not make it far. Skye has a plan and breaks into a house of a CEO. She dresses up and plays as if she is May to get information out of Lloyd Rathman. She makes Rathman give her information that can help her find Coulson. Agent Hand questions why Coulson is so important. We get a Fury mention.

Coulson is being tortured and Rayna arrives to say that she was attending to their other guest. The Clairvoyant speaks to Rayna. Po ends up being killed and Rayna takes over. May had a plane and she had Skye removed because she knows Skye will do best not on the plane with all the agents watching her.  Centipede wants to know the secret of bringing someone back to life. Rayna works her magic with her sultry voice and tries to sway Coulson into trying to figure out the secret of his death.

Skye is able to use Rathman to track the bank information for Rayna. Coulson finally gives in and uses the machine to find out what happened after he died. Coulson sees Tahiti. He sees a doctor who asks who ordered this and the response is Fury. Skye shows up to Nuketown. Coulson claims that all he sees is the dark. Fight Sequence. May and Ward take out the bad guys as usual. Coulson sees they are working on his brain as he begs for them to let him die. Skye finds Coulson and knocks out Rayna. Rayna is in custody of Shield. Coulson wants to find the Clairvoyant. Coulson thanks his team. Awe, warm and fuzzy moment. Skye gets the bracelet taken off finally. Coulson shows up to talk to the doctor that worked on him. He is informed that he was dead for days and Fury ordered for him to be brought back to life.. He was given the pleasant memory so he did not remember what he went through in being brought back to life. He lost his will to live so they wanted to correct that. 

Mike Peterson wakes up to find that he is burned and back with centipede. He is also missing his leg. I guess he is the other guest that Rayna was attending to. 

My Thoughts:

I was excited to have the show back on. I was also happy to see that May was not being a jerk. She always has a plan. You should never doubt her. Great direction for Fitz and Simmons. Seeing those two in positions of strength was very well done. Those two yelling at the incompetence of the other agents made me giggle.

Agent Hand. I do not care for her but I understand that she is written that way specifically. She does ask the right question. Why are so many resources being used to find one agent. Coulson remembers everything. How freaky was that thing working on his brain. That just creeped me out. It was heartbreaking to hear him scream to just let him die. I wonder what he will do now that he knows the truth. 

Okay who is the Clairvoyant? I am guessing that Rayna was talking about Peterson as the other guest. I am intrigued about those two individuals. Is the Clairvoyant someone we know? Someone in the Marvel world? Overall I am happy that they are finally moving the story line along. I was ready to give up on the show but now I will stick around. 

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