Friday, February 28, 2014

Collectibles: Furrybones

Hello Everyone, 

I decided to start sharing with you the different companies that I enjoy and here is one of my favorites. Check out Misaki, the founder behind Furry Bones. It is always great to talk to those who bring the creations that we all love and enjoy to life.

Tell me a little bit about your company and the founders?

Furrybones is one of the few lines designs I created working for a company called YTC, and became a thing of its own due to its success. In the spring of 2007 it started as a doodle, as most everything I design begin, and with a couple of years of diligent pitching and pushing, I finally got an OK to proceed with production. My company was reluctant to let me do it because they thought it was a bit too morbid. “People like morbid!” is what I said and it didn’t make me look bad for talking them into it. I believe it’s become one of the best seller for the YTC.

What made you decide to get into your field?

It sort of just happened. I went to an art school and dabbled in commercial art, fine art, and biomedical art in hopes to end up working as an artist. I did desktop publishing, production art, artist assistant etc. until one day I got a call from YTC saying they are looking for a designer. I had listed myself on an online artist database and that’s where they found my information. At first I designed things for their existing product lines like gargoyles and cultural collectibles, but soon I started making my own stuff whenever I had the time.

What is the vision of your company? What do you hope to achieve?

I want everyone to know the word Furrybones, like Hello Kitty and Disney. I know that’s a big wish, but I think it’s good to dream big, right? Furrybones are for everybody, but it’s especially for people with a bit of daring flare and sense of humor. I want my babies to bring people smiles and keep them company in their offices and homes and wherever people see fit to put them. I think anything is possible, so I’m going to keep dreaming big and keep the fans as happy as I can possibly make them in hopes to keep the fan base growing.

What is your favorite design? Why?

That’s a hard one. I’m partial to all of them for different reasons. If I had to pick one, I must say it’s either the Pink Bun Bun or the limited edition year of the dragon Scorchie. Pink Bun Bun because it’s the very first one I drew and the inspiration that led to the rest, and limited Scorchie because we only made 300 of them and that makes him extra special. Because it was limited, and 6” tall, I was allowed to spend a lot of time working on the design and art direction. I think it came out great. Being big allowed for more details and fine workmanship.

(I usually do not jump in an interview but I must point out that this was my first furry bones and he hangs out with me in my cubicle at work. I fell in love with the line because of him) 

What do you think about the rise in popularity of small collectible figurines with personality? (No more boring elephants!!!) Where do you see the field going?

I wasn’t aware there was a rise so much, but that’s great! I think people like little things, especially little things that they identify themselves with and be able to have them around in their environment. I think the Furrybones collectors have a bit of dark streak and secretly or openly like that about themselves and so it’s pleasing for them to have them on display as sort of identity disclaimer. In that sense I think the collectable field as you call it has a huge potential especially if they have a big personality that reach out to people and we make them easily accessible in terms of availability and affordability. I don’t want Furrybones to become snobby expensive thing that not everybody can afford to collect.

What is your website? Contact information?

Website :

Facebook : Myfurrybones

Twitter : Myfurrybones

Additional Comments?

I’d like to thank Fangirl Review for reaching out and giving me this opportunity to talk about Furrybones. It’s quite nice to be asked questions about things that doesn't always get communicated without actually having asked to elaborate. I hope my answers gave a little extra to those who are curious and maybe lead some people to start collecting them.

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